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Whether you’re a keen DIY enthusiast or just an amateur woodworker, having the right tools in your garage couldn’t be more important. If your garage and toolbox are currently empty, it’s time to think about filling it up with some key tools that will be useful in the future.

So, which tools should you invest in? Here, we take a look at some of the most essential.

Socket Set

If you have a complete socket set, you’ll always have the right one to hand when the moment arises. T-Bar drive hands, speed wrenches, deep-well dockets and Swivel-head drive adaptors are all good for different things and will be ideal for repairing all kinds of things.


Screwdrivers are an absolute toolbox essential. You’ll certainly need flat head and Philips head screwdrivers in a range of sizes so that you can tackle everything from repairing the door hinge to replacing a plug, but you might also benefit from having a ball-head, allen-head and torx head driver too if you’re planning on carrying out automotive repairs.

A Vice

If you’re working on a project which needs to be clamped in place in order to get the job done, a vice is an absolute essential. It’s like having an additional pair of hands to keep your workpiece still.

Cordless Drill

There are few tools as useful and versatile as a cordless drill. Although a regular corded drill will get the job done, a cordless model is often more useful if you need to work in a tight space or if you have to work away from a power outlet. Much faster than a manual drill, you’ll find the job gets done quickly and with minimal effort.

An Air Compressor

If you’re going to be operating any kind of air tool, you’re going to need a good quality air compressor. They’re an incredibly versatile piece of kit to keep in your garage since they can do everything from inflating your beach toys to your car tire and operating a wide range of tools.

A Router Table

If you’re a keen woodworker, you’re definitely going to need some tools that make it easier to achieve your goals. A router table is suitable for your needs, and will keep your workpiece still allowing you to focus on your cuts, so you can make them as accurate as possible.

A Saw

Whether you’re a woodworker or whether you’re just an average homeowner who needs to complete some work on home projects, you’re going to need at least one saw in your garage and preferably several. A handsaw is a basic need for any toolbox, but you can probably benefit from a circular saw or jigsaw as well if you’re going to be working on any kind of construction DIY project.

A Hammer

Hammers are a pretty essential tool for any toolbox. You should certainly have a claw hammer which will effectively pull out nails as well as drive them into materials. A mallet could also be a useful addition to your garage, since it can accomplish heavy duty tasks such as demolition and breaking up old furniture.

A Spirit Level

Whether you’re hanging a picture or repairing a door frame, you need to know that it’s level and straight. A spirit level is an essential for your tool kit to avoid your house looking lopsided!

A Tape Measure

Although a tape measure doesn’t necessarily count as a tool, it’s a very useful item to keep in your garage. You can use it to measure spaces so that your furniture will always fit in the area you have available. You can use it to ensure you are cutting pieces of wood to the right size. In short, you’ll always know accurate sizes.

These are just some of the essential tools that you should include in your garage. If you’re planning on carrying out more complex automotive repairs or woodworking activities, you’ll need some much more complex pieces of equipment. However, these items are a good place to start if you’ve never created your own toolbox before. With all of these tools in place, you’ll have the basics to hand whenever a household repair needs to be carried out!

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