5 Of The Lesser Known Benefits Of Wearing An Invisible Brace

Treatment with an invisible aligner

When most adults hear the word ‘brace’ while sitting in the dentist’s chair, they cringe.

Although the benefits of undertaking treatment with an orthodontic brace are known across the globe, many people who seek to benefit from this common procedure refuse it, due to fear of how it will impact on their appearance.

While many people envision the traditional orthodontic, or metal brace, when their dentist suggests orthodontic treatment, there are many alternatives available in modern dentistry that are more discreet.

Many dental practices, like Spa Dental in Sydney CBD, are able to offer their patients invisible or clear braces, in lieu of metal ones, depending on the patient’s clinical presentation. Beneficial to those with mild to moderate misalignment, clear and invisible braces offer patients many additional benefits beyond their minimalist appearance.

Fewer Check-Ups

In the past, wearing any kind of brace or aligner required additional check-ups with the dentist, to check for secondary issues that could occur.

But one of the key advantages of having an invisible brace fitted at a modern surgery like Spa Dental in Sydney CBD, is that due to the aligner being removable, secondary issues, like decay or periodontal disease are less likely to occur. Wearers can get on with their day to day lives without worrying about ongoing and invasive dental appointments.

Improved Comfort

Benefits Of Wearing An Invisible Brace

Made from a malleable but firm plastic, invisible braces offer superior comfort compared to other types of aligners.

To benefit from this brace fully, users are advised to wear the brace for up to 22 hours a day, depending on dental advice. This means that wearing this brace while sleeping is required and so, having a brace made from a smooth plastic is of immense benefit for a good night’s sleep!

Accelerated Treatment

While the traditional brace can be worn for years at a time, invisible aligners can correct misalignments in as little as 6 months!

The average treatment time for an invisible aligner is between 9 to 15 months, meaning that patients receive that coveted straighter smile faster!

Helps To Quit Smoking

A recent study exploring lifestyle habits of those using invisible aligners discovered that the majority of people who smoked cigarettes at the beginning of treatment had given up when the treatment ended.

It was found that, similarly to eating while wearing an invisible aligner, dentists had advised smokers to remove the brace when smoking and to brush their teeth before putting the aligner back in. Evidently, this additional procedure surrounding a once simple habit proved too much work for many, and it helped them eventually to give up smoking altogether!

That has an obvious benefit to long term health!

Less Snacking

In a similar vein to smoking, eating habits were also improved by wearing an invisible brace.

Dentists advised people to remove their aligners before consuming snacks and to brush their teeth before putting the aligner back in their mouth. It seems that this, similar to those who quit smoking, proved too much hassle and so people gave up on snacking!


This article is intended to be informative only and not a substitute for professional medical advice. Any dental procedure carries potential risks. When deciding to undergo any dental procedure, seek advice from a qualified health practitioner.

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