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One of the factors that can make a business a success or, on the contrary, a total failure is the aesthetic appearance. If the packaging of a product isn’t appropriate and attractive to the customer, its sales will probably be lower.

The same happens with retail spaces, if the exterior of the shop doesn’t attract the attention of potential customers, they’ll pass by and go to another shop that has greater visibility of the products on sale.

The aesthetic part goes hand in hand with another agent involved in this process, accessibility. A shop must have good access both externally and internally, being comfortable and easy to open, adapted to cover any of the particular mobility needs.

Erreka, a pioneering company in the sector

All the guidelines we’ve mentioned above to improve the attractiveness and accessibility of commercial premises will be covered by the installation of sliding doors and shop windows. In this article we bring to coalition one of the leading companies in this sector: Erreka.

This UK-based company is dedicated entirely to providing a specialised service in the manufacture and installation of complex automatic doors systems, shop windows and entrance screens. Their experience in the sector, the quality of their products and the high level of certification of their team has led them to create a training service for all their products for the customers they supply. These workshops are held periodically, are free of charge and in groups, although due to the high demand they can also be held on an individual basis.

Tailor-made solutions to give greater visibility and accessibility to commercial premises

By installing a glazed shop window, greater visibility and aesthetics of the shop’s front is achieved, but access to the interior can break the aesthetics of the shop window. However, with the installation of a sliding door we’ll maintain the glazed aesthetics of the entire front, as well as maintaining greater accessibility to the business, through these models:

  • Automatic sliding doors, these doors are very versatile, their use is indicated for both public and private spaces. And although their system of use is very simple, since the opening of these doors is automatically activated by a sensor, the most complex part is the installation process, hence the need for a specialised installation service.
  • Automatic swing doors, mobile, silent and resistant, with an application both outdoors and indoors, which makes it ideal to cover all the accesses of the same space.
  • Revolving doors, design and elegance are the terms that best characterise this model of doors. With a high degree of transparency, this singular access is the perfect solution for spaces that need an extra contribution of distinction, architecture and energy saving.
  • Aluminium doors, made of glass and high quality aluminium, are the perfect option to improve the security of access, thermal and sound insulation, as well as resistance to invasive agents.
  • Steel doors, although they are not for outdoors, they fulfil a very important function, since they are the doors that are placed in fire exits. They’re made of high resistance steel and comply with all safety regulations.

Don’t let the customer pass you by, make your product more visible, attractive and accessible thanks to these automatic doors.

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