Simple Solutions To Straighten Teeth

Simple Solutions To Straighten Teeth

These days, it doesn’t need to be difficult to enjoy a healthier and straighter smile. Orthodontics in Navan is here to help! There is a multitude of teeth straightening devices now available for patients to choose from.

So for those who are hesitating to have their teeth straightened, they should consider simply discussing the matter with their local dentist to understand the drastic changes that have occurred in the past years with this form of treatment.

There are at least a dozen options and combinations that patients can have to straighten their teeth, each plan tailor-made to suit the individual and their personal needs and desires. Traditional teeth straightening devices are still in common use for more severe cases, but for those people who do not need all of these additional features, they can enjoy a more streamlined design in these modern days that can be more affordable and with shorter wear time.

A final decision will come down to the patient ultimately, however, a dentist will give their recommendations based on the severity of the misalignment of their teeth and jaw. By talking through the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment, individuals can be fully informed about the impact that every given tooth straightening device will have on them and what the expected results could be.

What are some of the teeth straightening treatments?

What are some of the teeth straightening treatments

Besides traditional braces, which is a fixed device consisting of brackets and wires, there are removable, clear aligners, lingual braces and other fixed braces that operate in different ways. Removable aligners work differently to fixed braces in the way that move the teeth, however, the final results will be the same if they are worn correctly.

Aligners will push teeth into their correct position, whereas fixed braces use wires to pull them. For those people who are less inclined to remain motivated, a fixed device would be recommended as removable aligners do need to be worn at least 20 hours each day for them to live up to their name.

Individuals who are looking for fast results can speak to the professional practising orthodontics in Navan about 6 Month Smiles. As the name suggests, this treatment will take around 6 months to complete, generally half the time of other devices available.

It is a fixed device but differs from traditional braces in the way that the wires work. A dentist must tighten wires every few weeks with traditional braces whereas 6 Month Smiles uses a wire with a memory that gradually moves back to its original position after being placed on misaligned teeth. The wires constantly and consistently pull the teeth into the correct position.

People may find that the constant pressure is more comfortable than changing an aligner every few weeks or getting their wires tightened. Although no device should be painful, one can expect some kind of discomfort during those first few days after this movement as teeth adjust to their new position.

With so many devices available in modern dental practice, patients are really spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding how they believe will be the best way to straighten their own teeth.

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