What Are Dentures?

What Are Dentures

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth, that are formed at a dentist in Nottingham to fit an individual’s mouth to create better functionality. These artificial dentures are capable of removal and are made from acrylics and in some other cases nylon and metal. They can fill any gaps within the teeth by being placed on the patient’s gum. Dentures can come in a variety of forms depending on the individual’s circumstances. They can come in either a full or partial fit, this is dependent on whether a patient needs to replace all teeth or just a few teeth.  A full denture is designed to replace all of a patient’s natural teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. On the other hand, a partial denture fills and eliminates any gaps caused by smaller tooth loss. This is then applied to the natural teeth with the guidance of a metal clasp or in other cases precision attachments.

How do dentures work?

​A denture is created in an effective way that mimics the look of natural teeth and gums, this is due to the material used to make a denture. Initially, a dentist will take the precise measurements and dental impressions of the patient’s mouth to examine the areas needed for a quality fit denture. These dental impressions then give the ability to design a denture fit for the patient which is manufactured in a dental laboratory. Dentures are created in such a way that they attach to the gum and are able to be removed and cleaned regularly.​

What are the benefits of dentures?

Missing teeth can have many effects on an individual’s speech, eating and ability to chew. This can lower an individual’s self-esteem. However, this prosthetic dental treatment is a restoration process that can help with these issues. Dentures have many advantages and can therefore fix any health problems relating to lost natural teeth.

Improves appearance

What are the benefits of dentures

The allocated area of the dentures will mimic the look of natural teeth throughout the mouth. This allows a patient to smile with confidence. The presence of dentures can make an individual’s features stand out, giving a more youthful finish.


Since temporary dentures are removable they are easily maintained. This allows an individual access to be able to clean dentures, this can be done whilst being in or out of the mouth. Dentures are only required to be rinsed after eating a meal. If a patient wishes to take dentures out it is only necessary to leave dentures in cool water. This is highly encouraged to be done regularly on a nightly basis, as it allows the gums to have a break from the potential  risk of soreness.

Cost effective

Dentures are known to be cost effective treatments within the dental industry and are available for all individuals of different ages.

Fast procedure

The denture process is much faster than most dental procedures, such as dental implants. Procedures, including fitted implants, demand the need for patients to make occasional dentist visits around a 6 month period. However, dentures have a much less lengthy process. This consists of the creation and completion of the dentures which can be then inserted in due course ranging from 2-6 weeks. In many other cases, if required, dental specialists provide an emergency service, so that a patient gets their necessary dentures allocated faster, this can be done within 24-48 hours.


It is highly recommended to keep dentures clean through brushing existing teeth, the tongue and gums. It is encouraged to use fluoride toothpaste to ensure an individual does not develop any dental issues such as tooth decay. Oral hygiene should be maintained at all times, this is because if dentures are left unclean it can lead to further issues such as gum disease and oral thrush. This oral hygiene regime should be carried out twice a day as part of a patient’s normal daily routine.

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