The Best Wooden Worktops For Your Kitchen

The Best Wooden Worktops For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. It’s the place for family, eating, cooking and congregating, which is why many people pay special attention to its design. A wooden worktop available in the UK can bring a beautiful and natural soft element to a kitchen that is usually all stone and metal, it can warm up the space and give it a certain homley feel that may be lacking when it comes to cold stone like granite or marble but there are other benefits that make this stunning design element attractive to those who spend a lot of time in their kitchen.


Wood is a naturally hygienic surface and with its own anti-bacterial properties combined with the special sealants used on manufactured worktops, customers couldn’t hope for a safer, cleaner surface to work on.

Unique appearance

No two trees are the same, therefore no two worktops are the same. Each tree species has its own particular grain and colouring while each individual tree within that species has its own story to tell through its different knots and textures. Seeing these lines and textures offers a different character to each plank of wood which lends to the uniqueness of the whole countertop as a single work surface.

Part of the joy of having unique, wooden countertops is that it gives clients the opportunity to customize the look of their workspace, especially when it comes to colour. An oak worktop will offer a pale light colour while a walnut will give something much darker. The shape too is something that is more easily customizable than a marble surface for example, while stone can certainly be cut and crafted into any shape (Michaelangelo’s David comes to mind) it is not cost-effective to do so. Wood is easily cut into shape allowing for gentle sweeping shapes and rounded corners for the more discerning individual, even catchment grooves can be easily routed into the surface and gentle angles can be added where needed without breaking the bank.

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As unique as wood may look it also has a special kind of durability that other surfaces do not possess. There is a lengthy explanation about isotropic structures found in plastics and steel vs the anisotropic structure of wood but the question customers need answering is ‘Will it last?’ And that answer is yes, a wooden kitchen work surface is durable enough to stand the test of time, take a butcher’s block for example, these have been known to last for generations under extreme use, far more than that which the average home kitchen experiences, so customers can rest assured that the durability of their work surface is guaranteed.


A mission-driven company that focuses not only on their customer’s satisfaction but also on the environmental, economic and social responsibilities they have in producing these kinds of products is an important thing for customers who are shopping for their new kitchen surface. Wooden work surfaces in the UK are an excellent choice when it comes to concerns about sustainability, they have control over the entire process from assessing the land tat is used, planting the trees to installing a client’s work surface.

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