Four Reasons You Should Consider A Stone Sink

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Is it time to remodel your kitchen? If your existing room is leaving you cold, it could be time to make some changes to turn the heart of your home into a stylish and modern space that belongs in high end magazines. But where do you begin this transformation process? The answer could lie in your sink. If your existing sink is a dull and boring stainless steel model that’s been there for generations, it’s definitely time to consider something a little different. What could be better than a stone sink? Conjuring up images of days gone by, a natural stone sink could be just the ideal addition to your home to take it to a new level of elegance.

What Are The Issues With Stone Sinks?

You may have heard that stone isn’t a great choice of material for a sink. For a start, stone can often struggle to hold up to variations in temperature, and it may struggle to cope with residue from common substances like cleaners and soaps. So why should you even consider choosing a stone sink?

These days, there are granite and other stone composite sinks on the market which are designed to combat all the problems mentioned above. These are formed from ground stone dust together with acrylic resin which can bind the dust together. Once the mixture has been placed into the sink-shaped mold, it cures and turns into a beautiful sink once it has been fully sealed. There are both matte and high gloss models on the market and both are incredibly stylish and contemporary.

While natural granite is capable of withstanding high pressures and heavy loads without chipping or breaking, and can resist degradation from acid and water, it isn’t really the ideal material for your sink since it is really only appropriate to be used infrequently and should be used for nothing more heavy duty than handwashing. Granite is porous and even when it is sealed it absorbed moisture with time. It may also crack or break if it comes into contact with extreme temperatures. The good news, however, is that a granite composite sink doesn’t suffer from these issues and instead represents a stylish way to bring your bathroom or kitchen up to date.

So, why should you buy a stone sink for your home?

Resistant To Damage

A granite composite sink has been formed from acrylic resin. This means that it’s capable of withstanding sudden changes in temperature from hot to cold or vice versa. Not only are granite composite sinks resistant to heat, they are also capable of resisting chips, stains and scratches much more effectively than porcelain or stainless steel. This makes a granite composite sink a strong and practical choice for your home.


Stone composite sinks are not only very stylish, they’re also surprisingly affordable. They can even be cheaper than some stainless steel models and they offer a lot more to the homeowner in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Low Maintenance

You might be surprised to discover how low maintenance a granite composite sink can be to look after in the long run. Granite composite sinks only require sealing once per year, or even less frequently, to protect them from the average wear that sinks go through.


At the end of the day, the main reason for choosing a granite composite sink for your home is because it looks great. When compared to a standard stainless steel or porcelain model, stone sinks look beautiful and stylish. Whether you’re choosing a sink for your kitchen or for your bathroom, you can be confident that a stone sink will add something truly special to your space and add just the right amount of elegance to any room. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic appearance for your room or a minimalist contemporary style, you’ll find that a granite composite sink can perfectly fit the bill.

Are you convinced of the benefits of choosing a stone sink? If so, you’ll find that you’re making an aesthetically pleasing choice. Whatever the style of your home, a stone sink can be a cost-effective, stylish and affordable solution for any household, taking your home to a whole new level.

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