4 Types of Beds Perfect for Your Kids

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Your little one won’t remain little for long. They are forever growing and before we know it, our little ones transform into mature young adults. Muscle growth and development of the body takes place mostly while children are asleep. This is why your child’s bedroom is the most important place as it is elemental to their growth.

A good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy and uninterrupted growth. This is where you must consider beds for your kids with features that are conducive to the development of their bones and joints. There is an array of options to choose beds that best suit your children. You can let your imagination take over when it comes to beds for your kids with vibrant colours.

To avoid overspending, keep in mind a set budget. An inadequate bed can affect your child’s posture and sleep, thus make a good and quality investment.

Here are some options for you to consider!

Standard Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the most common and recognisable children’s beds. Generally, a standard bunk bed consists of a frame stacked on top of the other, which can be accessed using a ladder. If you want to save up on space, then bunk beds are the ideal choice as they reduce the dimensions that two separate beds will require. Parents may have some safety concerns when it comes to bunk beds.

It has the possibility of kids falling off the top bunk and the ladder may cause injury to kids. Thus, look out for bunk beds with ladders that are safe and secure and the railings are elevated so that you are assured of your child’s safety.

Futon Bunk Beds

These types of beds are very similar to standard bunk beds but they have the addition of a futon sofa beneath the top mattress. This provides your children a safe haven to sit, read, play games and watch TV without making the bed messy or spilling any food or drink in the sleeping area.

Similar to traditional bunk beds, futon bunk beds also requires a child to climb the ladder to reach the top bed. Such beds are extremely useful if you have a space constraint in the room layout.

Futon bunk beds also consist of extra storage for clothes, beddings, toys and other items. In addition, some models of futon bunk beds have extra sleeping area if required.

Bookcase Beds

Bookcase bed models have ample of space for drawers and shelves that are included in the frame to increase the storage below the bed. That way you won’t need large tote boxes to stow your kid’s collection. They are seemingly used to keep books, being true to their name, but can also be used to store any items that you wish.

Bookcase beds are very conventional and like bunk beds, they have the benefit of providing extra space for rooms that are smaller. You can also build additional shelves into the headboard where things like alarm clocks, pictures and radios can be placed within the reach.

Captain’s or Children’s Beds

Captain’s or children’s beds are available in the same model as the conventional beds but are comparatively smaller in length and width. They are majorly constructed from wood and include storage space beneath the mattress. The traditional trademark of children’s beds is large headboards and a friendly appearance.

The additional compartments available under the lying surface in some captain’s beds only suit children who are taller who can easily climb on top of the elevated mattress. Some models come with the additional feature of pull-out bed which provides perfect space for a person to comfortably sleep in. This works if your child decides to invite a friend for a sleep-over.

Check the size dimensions and the positioning of the bed in the bedroom using a tape to measure and ensure the appropriate height, length and width required. Make sure that safe and easy access is available and in close proximity to other bedroom furniture. If the bed is placed against the wall, check if the drawers, shelves and ladders are positioned in a way that they do not interrupt the entrance in any way.

So go get the perfect new bed for your child today. Also, there are more sleep related tips that would help you. Visit Counting Sheep Research.

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