Top 10 Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Common car maintenance mistakes

Often times we get this mentality that when we get a car – for as long as the car does what it is supposed to do and take us from point A to point B

We often just don’t care about doing a maintenance check – except when parts slowly starts to fall off. Cars like any other things, need proper maintenance. We need to make it a habit to do some weekly check-up for our cars.

Here are some car maintenance mistakes that we often commit either due to ignorance, carelessness, or by accident. It is better to get informed and be aware how a simple common mistake can lead to accidents and budget drop.

Among the top 10 car maintenance mistakes that made it on our list are:

  1. Tire pressure is not adequate
  2. Forgetting to check the oil
  3. Neglecting to change the filter
  4. Brake pad replacement keeps getting delayed
  5. Using the wrong tires for the season
  6. Burned out bulbs
  7. Cars and trucks gets overloaded
  8. Wiper blades are worn out
  9. Windshields are cracked
  10. Wrong octane fuel used

Tire Pressure Check

Having low pressure in tires can suck up a lot of gasoline. It is common knowledge that tires do leak gradually and that is why we need to keep a daily or weekly check on our car tires.

However, for those tires that are over-inflated can wear a car’s tire sooner.

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Oil Check

Checking the oil level of your car is a very important practice that you need to follow through on a regularly.Most cars make it easy and displays readings of the oil levels; however this is not the only oil check that you should do.

When do you need an oil change? In every 5,000 miles intervals or up to 15,000 miles. With the advance engine design in most cars today, you can schedule an oil change especially when it is needed. In some cars they have their own timers and all you need to do is follow the set schedule for it.

Air Filter Change

A clogged or semi-clogged air filter can be expensive in your fuel budget. You will not have any timer or gadget to alarm you when it is time to change your air filters. This is only needed when you are driving within the city streets that is heavy with pollution or when you hit the dirt road or any places that is heavy with dust and dirt.

Check Your Brakes

If you feel or hear something weird about your brakes – something that is out of the ordinary, that should tell you to have a visit with a car mechanic. Failure to do so can be very risky and can be very costly.

Using the Wrong Tires

For those with snow season, it is important that you use tires that are right for the season. There are tires specifically made for those type of seasons – winter/snow, or else you won’t get far.

Check Burnt Out Bulbs

Did you ever walk around your car and check the lights? This is a very common issue and it happens to a lot of car owners.


Overloaded cars can cause damages to the car’s parts such as buckled frames and broken axles; and can also cause an accident. To care for your car, you need to keep only the allowed weight that your car can carry – consider the baggage plus the driver and the passenger’s weights.

Checking Wiper Blades

Every windshield wipers need to be checked. The rubber in the wipers deteriorates gradually and will cause the blades to lose its flexbility and its ability to flip over in use. The rubber also cracks once its elasticity has been reached. Weather condition and constant use can add to its wear and tear.

Check Windshields

Having a crack in your windshield can be dangerous and can hinder one’s visibility when driving. Every windshield has various tolerance levels when getting hit with an object.

Octane Fuel Change

A lot of us overdose our cars with octane and thinking that the more we supply the better it performs with more mileage coverage and power. However, this is not the case and this is a common misconception and it does not improve anything if supplied more than what is required. Only supply enough octane to your car as required – nothing more and nothing less.

Caring for your car through proper maintenance checks can help extend its economic life and saves you on the dollar.

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