Fruit Cakes that are on Board for Juicing up your Commemorations

Fruit Cakes that are on Board for Juicing up your Commemorations

Cakes are a way of expressing our joy and happiness. Whenever some happy moments come around the corner, we celebrate them with the cakes. Be it, our success, birthday, anniversary, etc. nothing else can give a better depiction of our cheerfulness. We usually end up picking up the regular frosting cakes which are available in the confectionery stores or either we would go for customizing the cake according to our preferences. I think it is always a good idea to try new things. Likewise, giving your taste buds something different from your regular taste would also be bliss. Fruit cakes are underrated, but still the choice of many. If you haven’t tried making it part of your celebrations then give them some space on your list. We have sorted the few fruit cakes which are worth trying.

Plum Cake

The first in the list is the favorite of almost every cake-aholic. You can find plum cakes easily in any cake shop. The plum cake is made with dry fruits like raisins, almonds, grapes, prunes, etc. One can get them prepared with fresh fruits as well, according to the preferences. This dry cake never fails to make its way to the Christmas dining.

Apple and Almond Cake

The combination of apple and almond in a cake is surely going to be one of the most loved cakes. The dense texture of the cake with the moistness is a lovely delight. The layering of icing sugar with a pinch of cinnamon on the cake adds a good taste to it. This cake can be a good present as a happy birthday cake for your grandparents. They will love it!

Pineapple Cake

Another common fruit cake to hit the list is the pineapple cake. This cake could be a good choice for serving in a family get-together. It is a moist and rich cake, filled with the wholesome dry fruits. Pineapple cake is healthy yet toothsome. Next time make sure that whenever you are up for some celebration, you give it a chance and know its worth.

Honey Layered Fruit Cake

A fluffy honey layered fruit cake deserves to be on your list for extra sweetness in your celebration. This spongy cake is layered with the frosting and topped with the almonds and fruits.  If you are truly a sweet lover then you should definitely try it once, I am sure that once will not be enough for you.

Raspberry and Cardamom Cake

Here we welcome the berry cake in our list, which will surely be your favorite after having a drool-worthy morsel of this cake. The essence of cardamom makes it taste even yummier. If you are hosting a party soon, then I must say that it is a legit cake to be prepared for your grand celebration.

Banana Loaf Cake

Banana loaf cake has the heart of many cake lovers. It is one of its kinds, absolutely a fruit cake to drool over. This cake is loaded with mashed bananas and drizzled with the icing sugar. In case, your loved ones are living over the seas and you want to surprise them with this special delight, you can make it possible through an online cake delivery service. You will surely get a virtual hug from them for this.

As we have come to the end of the list, your mind must have revived a new picture of fruit cakes. So, make sure that you pick any one of the aforementioned and make it a part of your upcoming celebrations.

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