What You Need To Know About Modern World Dentistry

What You Need To Know About Modern World Dentistry

Within the modern world of dentistry there are now a multitude of modern, and welcoming dental clinics that are here to help you stay on top of your oral health, and achieve your dream smile (whether this be through the use of restorative, or possibly even cosmetic dentistry). Just one example of the many surgeries in London is Sheen Dental In Richmond. If you are looking to keep your mouth clean, healthy, and therefore happy, then it may be worth contacting your local dental clinic to book yourself in for a dental check-up.

What to expect during a dental check-up

Within the modern field of dental care many dental clinics are now choosing to adopt a patient-centred approach – this essentially means the dental healthcare professionals treat every dental case as entirely unique, therefore achieving the best possible results for the individual. Despite many surgeries adopting this positive approach however, there are several standard procedures and assessments that are to be expected during a dental hygiene appointment.

What happens next?

After booking your dental check-up at your local clinic you may be anxious to find out what to expect at your next visit (especially if you are a patient who experiences anxiety within a dental environment). With this in mind therefore, many modern dental surgeries are now choosing to display their typical procedures on their clinic websites. A few examples of the procedures that many patients may be expecting are an oral assessment, an oral cancer screening, and possibly even a scale and polish. Despite many patients being familiar with these terms, they may wish to know what to expect in a greater level of detail.

Staying on top of your oral health. One dental procedure at a time

During an oral assessment your dental healthcare professional may ask you a few questions regarding your diet, lifestyle habits (such as the consumption of red wine, or frequent smoking), and possibly any changes in medication since your last visit. In addition to these questions, you are also likely to receive an oral examination – this essentially checks for signs of oral decay and fragmentation, in addition to spotting the early symptoms of more serious oral diseases.

What happens next?

Once you have received a thorough examination of each individual tooth, you may be shown the correct way to brush adequately in the comfort of your own home (this advice is likely to be tailor-made to your unique dental case), in addition to being given a ‘scale and polish’.

What to expect from a ‘scale and polish’ dental cleaning treatment

A scale and polish could be argued as common practice within the world of dental hygiene and is typically administered in a few short minutes within a dental check-up, or a dental hygiene appointment. Although many patients may be familiar with the process, they may be unsure of the exact procedures that are administered within this treatment. A scale and polish is also commonly referred to as a ‘deep clean’ and consists of the use of special dental brushes and pastes in order to result in a clean, healthy, and happy smile.

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