Why Should You Join A Laser Dentist? 5 FAQs About This Dentistry Type Answered

Why Should You Join A Laser Dentist 5 FAQs About This Dentistry Type Answered

It’s fair to say that over the last ten years, dental care has advanced tremendously.

The majority of patients now wear either clear on invisible braces to straighten their teeth and thanks to dental implants, it is now possible to replace missing teeth in less than a year.

And the advances don’t stop there!

Even general dental care has advanced and, when you are looking for a new dental near Coorparoo to join, you may have noticed that more and more are now offering laser treatments to their patients. While this may seem a bit puzzling at first, laser dentistry is becoming more common due to its ability to save more of the tooth over drilling, its precision and of course, its antiseptic properties.

Have some questions about laser dental care? Most people do and in this article, 5 of the most commonly asked queries are answered. Enjoy!

What are the advantages of laser dental care versus regular?

There are many advantages that laser dentistry can offer when compared to regular.

For starters, it is more precise- if you were having a tooth prepared for a crown, for instance, a laser would be more controlled in the areas it removes than a drill. Also, as it does not vibrate, there is no chance of your tooth shattering, in the way that it can often do when a drill is used.

How does it work in relation to cavities?

Laser dental care can not only treat cavities, but it can also be used to detect them more accurately than former methods.

How does a laser treat cavities? By gently removing the part of the tooth that has the cavity, a laser offers a more precise removal, while preserving as much of the tooth as possible.

Can it help people with periodontal disease?

Yes, it can!

Laser dentistry can disinfect the areas of the gums where there are the most bacteria and, should your gum disease have resulted in growths forming on the gum, lasers can remove them without the need for stitching afterwards.

advantages of laser dental care versus regular

In fact, the use of lasers in all areas of dental surgery offers a cleaner operation and promotes faster healing due to the lack of trauma to the area and the removal of surrounding bacteria.

Can it be used for cosmetic treatments?

You guessed it- yes it can!

Not only can lasers be used to remove unaesthetic parts of your smile, but they can also be used to whiten teeth. By increasing the exposure of the oxidising gels, your dental team can ensure that you get the exact whiteness you want (and sooner) without damaging the enamel in your teeth.

Is it more hygienic for extractions?

As mentioned before, should you need a dental extraction, a laser can be a saving grace.

Not only will it be able to sterilise the area before the removal, but it can also suture the area post-extraction, speeding up the healing and minimising damage to the gum. Brilliant!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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