The Advantages Of A Dental Implant

The Advantages Of A Dental Implant

A dental implant Melbourne is a highly popular method of replacing missing teeth with significant advantages over other tooth replacement therapies. If you are missing a tooth or if you have multiple missing teeth, then you need to speak to your dentist and find out about having a dental implant to help promote better dental health and overall wellbeing. Tooth replacement with a dental implant is a permanent solution to addressing your missing teeth. The last few decades have seen a surge in the popularity of dental implants, because of the life changing benefits that they deliver. Much research has been carried out in this field of dentistry and the procedure has an excellent success rate of around 98%. Speak to your dentist today to find out more.

The effects of tooth loss and how dental implants can help

Tooth loss has a detrimental impact on your remaining healthy teeth, your dental health in general and many other aspects of your life. Tooth loss can have a negative impact on the shape of your facial structure, altering your overall appearance and making your cheeks appear sunken or hollow. Dental implants restore your smile for a more youthful appearance. This helps boost your self-confidence and has a positive impact on your overall wellbeing.

Implants help restore your oral health and prevent weakening of the surrounding teeth, aiding to prevent further tooth loss in the future. They work by being placed directly into the bone socket of the missing tooth. This initiates a process known as osseointegration which encourages the growth of bone cells and holds the implant firmly in place, strengthening your jawbone and restoring better functioning of the mouth. This includes allowing you to speak, eat and smile naturally and without embarrassment.

Advantages Of A Dental Implant

With dental implants your choice of prosthetic is attached firmly and securely to your mouth, whether you choose to have a crown, a bridge or a set of dentures. You will achieve greater comfort and stability than using the prosthetic alone. If you have multiple missing teeth then you may not require multiple implants. Four implants are enough to support a full arch of missing teeth. Speak to your dentist about your dental requirements and they will put together an individually tailored treatment plan for you.

Dental implant surgery is an invasive procedure, however your dentist will make sure that you are either given a local anaesthetic, you are put under conscious sedation or you are sedated completely for your comfort and ease. This will depend on how you feel about undergoing the surgery and for nervous patients it is helpful to know that general anaesthetic is available if necessary. A small hole is drilled into the bone socket of your missing tooth and the implant is placed directly into this hole to begin the process of osseointegration. This process normally requires approximately 12 weeks for the implant to become successfully embedded into your jawbone. Then you are ready to have your choice of prosthetic attached to the implant so you can enjoy a fully functioning, beautiful smile once more.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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