Can The Dentist Only Remove My Teeth?

Can The Dentist Only Remove My Teeth

At some point in your life, it’s probable that you’ve been to the dentist Harley Street to have a tooth removed or attend an appointment. It is pretty common knowledge that a trip to your local dental clinic can solve all your aches and pains within your mouth, but it is less common knowledge that there is much more on offer. Lots of people will take a trip to their local clinic looking for cosmetic dentistry options, facial aesthetics and much more. That’s right, there is a whole side to dentistry that you might be unaware of!

Missing teeth

It is not fun to have teeth missing. There are a variety of reasons why you might lose your teeth, with only one of them being old age. If you smoke or suffer from diabetes, or even if you’re male, you’re more at risk for losing your teeth! It is also important to note that if you don’t attend regular checkups and keep up on your dental hygiene, the risk of losing teeth can get much higher. This one might be more obvious than the other treatments we’ll cover in this article, but a trip to the dental clinic can get you new teeth! There are a variety of options, from dentures and bridges to dental implants.

Missing teeth

Dental implants can give you artificial teeth that look and act exactly like your real ones would do! The process starts with the installation of a titanium screw into your jaw that will act as your root before the new tooth is placed on top.

Misaligned teeth

If you have gaps or misaligned teeth, the likelihood is that it isn’t your fault. You could have the strictest oral hygiene routine and still be unable to straighten your teeth or close the gaps naturally. As an adult, you might have missed out on the braces experience that many of your peers had as a child. It can be quite overwhelming and even embarrassing to consider having braces as an adult, especially when the smile is now so important to day to day life, but thanks to cosmetic dentistry there is now an option known as Invisalign. They are clear braces that work in a subtle yet exciting way to give you the straight teeth you’ve always dreamed of and bring you back the confidence you’ve been lacking. You’ll have your trays made and fitted with the help of a dentist, but then everything else takes place in the comfort of your own home! You’ll simply swap out the trays when the right time comes and watch back in awe as your teeth move into your desired position.

Facial aesthetics

I’m sure you’re well aware of the trends and treatments that circulate the internet in today’s age, but did you know you can get facial aesthetics and dermal fillers at your local dental clinic? That’s right! A chemical peel might be what you’re looking for to rid your skin of that dull, tired look and give it the youthful boost it deserves! The peel will get rid of your dead skin and produce collagen, having you look and feel your best. Then there is the option of fillers, ready and waiting to diminish facial lines and plump your lips to perfection! Our faces work hard every day and barely get rewarded, so why not treat yourself and your face to the spa day you both deserve.

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