How to Use Glass to Transform Your Home

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Redoing your home could be a necessity or because of just plain boredom. Whatever the reason, we all do a little tinkering to our home now and then. There are many ways to change the look of a room or a house. One of these is adding glass in new and innovative ways. Glass is transparent. As a mirror it can be reflective. Both these qualities give this humble material many advantages. Just get a good glass door accessories manufacturer to ensure quality fittings.

Using Stained Glass On Entrance

There are few things as beautiful as stained glass. While we cannot hope to achieve stunning church stained glass windows, there are other simpler patterns you can try. When used on the entrance room door, it makes for a unique and lovely look. You can use it as a panel on the door with a metal bars behind for safety. The glass also allows some light to come in. Since it is stained glass, you will have beautiful coloured patterns on the floor.

This simple, but artistic look never quite goes out of fashion. It can also look equally good with all kind of styles. For a classical home, you can go for simple classical pattern. For a contemporary or modern home, go for clear geometric lines. You can use your inner creative to paint this yourself or hire an artist to do the work.

Large Windows

Large windows on exterior walls have many advantages. It opens up the home without compromising on security. You can use grills or mosquito nets to ensure safety. Today we are increasingly seeing such large windows in high rise, especially in modern homes. These were usually avoided in Indian homes because of excessive heat and to avoid the sun’s glare. But now you can get tinted window glass from any glass door accessories manufacturer. Alternatively, you can also use lined drapes on the window.

Large windows have many advantages. It allows the outside air to enter the home and gives the room a light, airy look. It is especially handy in less than sunny climates where getting some sun into the room is welcome. If you are wary of letting any cold air in (in winters) or letting out any air from inside (if the AC is on), get windows which can seal off.

Using Mirrors

Glasses can be used indoor in rooms as well. Using a large mirror in the living room is a popular, but effective trick. The mirror should ideally reflect an open space, such as the view from the window. The mirror does not block the view like a wall does. The reflective surface gives the room an illusion of spaciousness. The style statement here comes from the frame. You can go with a traditional wooden frame like a jharokha or a more modern metallic frame. There are traditional, modern as well as eclectic frames available today. You can choose one according to your own tastes.

Using French Windows

This is familiar to choosing large windows. If you can, this is always a great look. Choose a French window if you have a balcony or a garden if you step outside. French windows can effectively make any room twice as spacious. Since we are removing the wall, the room now seems to have no boundaries. The glass allows the light and air to come in. Opening up the French windows opens up your whole room to the outside! However, do get a glass door accessories manufacturer to put in the right security features.

Glass Partitions

This is becoming increasingly popular. What was common in offices and restaurants, can now be applied in our home. Glass partitions seem less limiting than actual walls and hence again caret the illusion of spaciousness. This makes them ideal in small homes or rooms that need to be partitioned without compromising on its spaciousness. For privacy, you can use frosted glass. You can also use folding glass panes.

Glass partitions are common in bathroom to demarcate a shower cubicle. Glass walls play multiple roles here. It partitions the room, while ensuring that bathwater or shower water does not splash everywhere. However, its important that one contacts a good glass door accessories manufacturer for high corrosion-resistant fittings.

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