Dentists Serving The Community

Dentists Serving The Community

Doing a job well will always produce a successful outcome and as any established dentist Richmond with decades of service to the community will tell you, success has come because of performing dentistry to an exemplary level. Establishing a relationship with patients is important and the sooner that relationship can be started the better for the patient and the dentist. In the UK only around fifty per cent of people visit a dentist twice a year and of those about thirty-five per cent of people are aged eighteen to forty-four. The result of this is that 2.7 million people in the UK have no teeth at all. The need to engage with people and encourage them to start a regular oral hygiene regime is paramount if dental disease is going to be tackled in any meaningful way.

Oral care education is the path to dental wellness

Preventive dentistry is a two way fight by both the patient and the dentist against dental disease. Educating patients on the proper method of cleaning and brushing their teeth is the starting point to achieving dental wellness. Encouraging parents to bring their children to the surgery from as early as one year old is the second phase of the preventive dentistry programme. As part of this preventive dentistry programme children are offered a free consultation to motivate parents to bring their children to the surgery. When children see their parents sitting in a dentist’s chair they feel reassured that there is no reason to feel anxious about visiting the dentist. Over time and with regular six monthly visits they will become comfortable, relaxed and familiar with the surroundings, sights and sounds. This is also the best time for a dentist to examine a child’s mouth to see if there are any problems that may manifest themselves in years to come.

Treatments for total dental care

Treatments for total dental care

Dental care starts with oral hygiene and preventing the causes of gum disease and tooth decay which can result in requiring tooth extraction and fillings. Teeth whitening at home has seen a massive increase and would be better done by a qualified dentist with the expertise and knowledge to be able to first identify the cause of any blemishes on the teeth. Some spots and blemishes can be an early indicator of coeliac disease or impending tooth decay. At the dentist  included in cosmetic dentistry are teeth whitening, gum contouring, white fillings and porcelain veneers. A comprehensive range of restorative dental treatments such as bridges, dentures, crowns and dental implants are available, subject to thorough oral examination. Further treatments include root canal therapy, and of course extractions, and in addition a solution to excessive snoring. Snoring is often caused by restriction of the normal airflow when the soft palate vibrates. Inserting a customised mouthpiece holds the airways open, allowing the patient to breath normally eliminating the vibrating of the soft palate. Teeth straightening has become more popular, probably with the advent of ‘selfies’, and social media and major improvements have been made to the equipment and techniques used in this treatment. Dentists have an intimate knowledge of muscles, bones and skin especially of the face and this has allowed dentist surgeries to introduce more facial aesthetics. Administering injections is a function performed routinely by dentists and using their clinically clean surgeries makes sense, to administer this type of treatment.

Dental treatment advancements

Dental science and technology have made such amazing advances that it is no longer necessary to suffer from the loss of a tooth or teeth. Feeling self-conscious when smiling because of crooked or gapped teeth should be a thing of the past too with the amazing braces and aligners now available. New patients are welcome at most dentists so why not make an appointment and see how a visit can change lives.

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