Top 10 Non-Boring Weight Loss Foods

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss foods can be boring. Salads all day, low carbs this, high protein that. So, here are some more interesting and effective foods to eat on a weight loss program.

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

1. Fruit

I love my fruit, I really do! If you make fruit the core and base of your weight loss program I guarantee your health and weight loss progress will increase much more than you ever thought.

People only look at fruit as a snack but it should be a whole meal. Humans were meant to eat fruit. We have the right length digestive system for it, color vision to see it and a whole host of other reasons. The nutrients contained in fruit give us an excellent balance in our body. Despite what some people might tell you – fruit will not make you fat!

Think of all the exotic fruits that you can mix together and add some nice yogurt on top of – mango, kiwi, banana, lychee… it makes my mouth water!

2. Vegetables

Get excited about vegetables! Learn new ways to prepare them so that you can get excited about them.

One of the best ways to eat vegetables is in a tomato based soup. It tastes amazing and is good for you. You can always go back for second helpings when you are eating vegetables and it doesn’t take much to make them taste good. Usually you can add a little bit of mint, basil, lemon or chilli and it will taste like a gourmet dish.

3. Eggs

Eggs are high in protein and fairly high in fat. But, if there is one myth I hate it is that fat will make you fat. Some fats will but other fats are good for you and eggs contain more of the good than the bad. Boil some eggs and leave them in the fridge. The high protein content leaves you feeling full and won’t add any fat on your waist. However, I wouldn’t eat more than one a day unless you are training very hard at the gym as you simply don’t want to take the risk.

NB – Science is still unsure whether eggs are 100% good or 100% bad. Many doctors I have spoken to say two eggs a day is probably a good thing and they aren’t too worried about the cholesterol.

4. Homemade Pizza

My partner and I used to make pizza all the time. Go to the market and get some natural pizza bases made by the nice baker or some organic shop. Cover the thing in freshly crushed tomatoes from Italy and then pack on the lean leg ham, cherry tomatoes, marinated artichoke and whatever other lovely vegetable you can think of. I’m sure you could cheat and use a bit of low fat cheese too! It tastes so good it can’t be bad for you right?

5. Fruit or vegetable Juice

I know I talk about this all the time and your probably getting bored of it but a homemade fruit or vegetable juice could be the best thing you ever do for your health. It cleanses your system and keeps you very healthy.

Science has also shown that a freshly made juice (not bottled) will allow your body to absorb up to 92% of the nutrients where eating the same amount of ingredients you will only absorb about 20%. That is a good enough reason for me.

6. Chilli

I know many Americans use chilli as a stand alone dish but I’m talking about using it to enhance another dish. Adding chilli to something will make it a weight loss dream.

Chilli speeds up your metabolism and thus helps you burn fat while you are eating. Add it to any meal you can as it is also an excellent immune booster.

Top 10 Non-Boring Weight Loss Foods

7. Curry

Curry has been shown by science to have an excellent effect on the immune system and also speeds up your metabolism just like chilli. Lamb, beef and chicken curries are excellent weight loss foods as they taste amazing and can be made from all natural ingredients. You can throw just about any herb or spice into a curry pot and it will still taste great!

8. Baked Potato

Now, this may sound boring but I have proof that it isn’t! At my local Myer superstore foodcourt (for all your Americans Myer is a high end retail giant) there is a baked potato stand that is one of the most popular of all the foods. They serve up amazing potato’s with cheese, chilli, pineapple, coleslaw and a whole host of limitless other ingredients.

One of the best ways to stay excited about weight loss is to experiment with different foods. So, bake a big potato and then add in a whole lot of other vegetables, fruits and anything you think will taste good. Its healthy and easy to do. Plus, did you know that a potato has more than triple the amount of vitamin C than oranges of the same weight?

9. Hot Salads

My partner and I have been making these a lot lately and they are really good.

The idea is not to heat up the salad ingredients but to put something hot in the salad like beef or chicken. The best thing I have tasted in a long time is a Thai Beef Salad where the beef is soaked in soy sauce, fish sauce, chilli and garlic and then char grilled and thrown into a nice green salad. This is a perfect weight loss meal – high protein, high fiber, lots of greens … try it!

Or, you could try the old traditional warm chicken salad with some chicken breats thrown in some balsamic vinegar and mixed into a tomato and greens salad base.

10. Shakes

Protein shakes, fruit smoothies – add some yoghurt, fruit, eggs and anything that will make it thick and delicious.

When it comes to weight loss it is more about staying healthy for a long time then trying to lose weight quickly. Find health foods that excite you and that you take pleasure in making and eating and you will find weight loss a whole lot easier.

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