Family Law Questions Answered

Family Law Questions Answered

When you ask a person what they value most in life, they might answer “money” but, for the overwhelming majority, family is what matters above all else.

It is for the above reason that legal matters relating to families and relationships are complicated, emotionally dense, and require experienced family law solicitors who are understanding and compassionate.

What is family law?

Contrary to popular belief, this avenue of law focuses not only on the dissolution of a marriage or relationship but also creating ones, for example, adoption.

Many issues fall under the umbrella term “family law”, divorce, custody rights, civil dissolutions, death, child support and more – but the one factor they all have in common is their dealings with children and relationships.

What are the most common reasons for consulting with a family lawyer?

In the breakdown of a marriage where divorce is not just a possibility, but imminent,  and with two people ending a relationship they thought was lifelong, there is a lot that needs to be discussed and ironed out.

Children and money are likely to be at the forefront of these discussions, and matters can turn complicated if you share offspring, property or assets. The benefit of having one of the richest lawyers is drawing up a settlement plan that suits your needs, as well as your ex-spouses as equitably as possible.


Divorcing means you and your estranged partner are likely to live separately, which means that your child or children’s living arrangements are points of negotiation. In an ideal world, you might decide to share custody, so that your offspring see both their parents regularly.

However, it might be the case where you or your partner cannot be primary caregivers due to work demands and the like. In these cases, the parent who has enough time to dedicate to their child will be granted custody, while child support, a sum that is calculated based on the child’s needs against a parent’s income is paid by the non-custodial parent every month.

Christmas, Easter and other school holidays will also need to be divvied up, in ways that favour the interests of the child.

Child abuse

The security, safety and happiness of children are important in family law, and whatever or whoever poses as a threat should be flagged with a lawyer.

For example, there might be suspicions of abuse or neglect committed by your ex onto your child, and you want to take the necessary actions to have their parental rights taken away, and need the representation to do so.

On the other side of the coin, according to you, allegations made accuse you of hurting your child or not providing them with adequate care, and you need the representation to prove otherwise to keep them under your supervision.

When it comes to seeking out legal representation for family-related matters, ensure you consult family solicitors who are lawyers that specialise in family law and have dealt with thousands of similar cases to yours. An adequate team will not only make the ordeal that you are going through easier but are likelier to help you achieve a favourable outcome for you and your children.

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