How to Choose the Right Car Battery

How to choose the right car battery, Best car battery, What kind of car battery do i need for my car

If your car is acting funny, chances are that it’s your battery that is playing spoilsport. You car may refuse to start or makes that funny noise when it does start or it is the lights which refuse to come on. As most of the car’s function depends on the electricity supplied by the battery, a hitch there can make the whole malfunction.

This makes supplying manufacturers like brass terminal manufacturers so important to the automobile industry. They know that whatever the improvements and innovations they make, the functioning of all this comes down to how the battery performs over a period of time.

Why Terminals?

Why pay attention to the terminals, those little parts on top of the battery body? It’s because this little part is what connects the battery — the source of the car’s power — to the car. The battery is pretty straightforward equipment and while it is important, we also have to see that it is properly connected to the rest of car. After all, it is the sum of all the parts that make the whole!

You will get the clue to a terminal’s importance if you opened the hood of your car to check on your battery when it refused to start. Chances are that you found discharge at the terminals. A little leakage from the battery and the terminals come under the danger of spoiling. This is why we need durable terminals that work efficiently.

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Types Of Terminals

There have been some few types of terminals with most manufacturers focusing on creating the best possible fit. The most common are the SAE type with two posts. The truncated cone-shaped posts are of different diameters to distinguish between +ve and -ve. JIS terminals, found in some Japanese cars, are mostly of a similar design, only shorter than SAE. L terminals, found in European automobiles, get their name from their L-shaped body.

You can select any one of these terminals. However, choosing the common SAE shape has the advantage of easier functionality. Make sure that the terminals are marked and connected properly to the battery cable.

The Right Material

Lead may have been used originally, but it gave way to much more effective options some time back. Today we have brass, steel, bronze, copper, and silver oxides as popular options for terminal material. Another option is plating of the material. Plating also allows manufacturers to control the finish of the product with both bright and matt options available.

One of the best options available today is tinned brass. Available by most brass terminal exporters it has many qualities that make it the most popular option. Some of these are:

  • Excellent electrical conductivity of the brass
  • Corrosion resistance which comes from the tin in the composition. Tin when exposed to the air forms a layer which is neutral. It becomes a protective shield for the underlying parts.
  • Superior tensile strength, which means that the part can be shaped in any desired manner without it developing cracks.
  • The hardness of tinned brass makes it ideal for heavy-duty functions of the terminal.
  • With low life because of corrosion, durability of brass becomes extremely important. Long life of the terminal means long life for your battery and less hassle and expense of battery changes.

Terminal Design

Power cable suppliers in UAE lays emphasis on the design to ensure that connections are tight and secure. Some of the important factors to consider here are:

  • Wire size and range
  • Crimp area
  • The lay of the mating area
  • Configuration or direction of the connection

Certification: Battery terminal are detrimental to the performance of the battery and by extension, the car itself. Hence, these are also covered by manufacturing standard regimes like ISO. Insisting on ISO standards is not just a paranoia. The rights parts also ensure that the overall product meets the specified industry standards. So, always check for certifications.

Customisation: With so many specifics in terminal design, customisation is important in auto battery terminals. The overall design may be pretty common, but the specific design has many variations as explained above. This is why top brass terminal manufacturer will build terminals as per specifications like crimp area, configuration of the connection and retention of the wire.

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