How To Enjoy Karaoke At Home Without Annoying The Neighbours

How To Enjoy Karaoke At Home Without Annoying The Neighbours

Karaoke is a fun way to celebrate and get entertained. It is not necessary to visit a happening or expensive club to enjoy this with your folks. You can also make this happen at your own humble abode.

You do not need flawless singing skills because it’s karaoke night and not auditions for The Voice UK or The X Factor. Hiring a karaoke station every time might become expensive so why not install it permanently at your place.

Here’s how you can set up karaoke and sing out loud that too in your very own kitchen-

Designing your own soundproof room

You can avoid this option if you don’t mind the rest of the house listening to you sing at the top of your lungs along with your friends. But, it is wise to install soundproofing on walls so that you can enjoy your own space and do not have to restrict your volume for fear of disturbing others. You don’t want cops walking in at 1 am to your place to end of your party.

You can walk into the local hardware store to select a foam insulation panel. Otherwise you can visit an electronic store to purchase customised acoustic panels. You can not only enjoy supreme sound quality but also muffle sound outside the room.

Karaoke System

Any karaoke system will consist of a karaoke player, speaker, mixer, touch screen and amplifier. There is only one drawback in installing this system and that is, it consumes a lot of space in your kitchen. So, it is smart to install it only if you have sufficient space in your kitchen.

You need a separate space to mount your screen in a direction where the singer can easily discern the lyrics. You can set up the mixer at a convenient spot from where the DJ can manage it. The speakers and amplifiers can be arranged all round the room in a way that is ideal from an acoustics standpoint.

You can also contact kitchen experts who can guide you to optimally use your kitchen space. They can suggest you design combinations which provide enough space to install kitchen appliances as well as a karaoke system.

Besides, there are offers or schemes which you can purchase these systems at a comparatively lesser price. They are included as all-in-one combination where everything comes in one package.  You can search for available options to you and then decide which one is suitable for you as per your budget and other constraints.

Invest in accessories

Accessories can multiply your enjoyment by offering you much needed convenience. For instance having long microphone chords allows you to freely move around the kitchen space. A high-quality microphone cable allows you to sing duets and lets you celebrate freely.

Before you invite your friends for celebration make sure that you have variety of songs to entertain your audience. Hosts usually add songs to the list which most of your friends are familiar with or prefer listening to. You can purchase good software or additional package which goes well with your karaoke system.

This will enhance your karaoke experience and you can enjoy it as long as you want, even till wee hours of the morning.

Trick to perform

Do not concentrate on the mike or how you sound because then you might miss-out on all the fun. But, keep a gap of 5-10 cms between your mouth and mike. Start singing once the lyrics begin to get highlighted and not when the music starts playing.

If the song is moving fast or you get lost then take a breather and get back to it. The key here is to have fun and people will enjoy you as long as you enjoy singing.

Party hard

Meeting friends without refreshments and entertainment is not technically a party, it’s just a social gathering. And, why would you settle for a sombre social gathering when you have a good source of entertainment in your kitchen?

Before, you call your friends make sure that your house is stocked with refreshments, especially, at the spot where you are going to enjoy the karaoke session the most. Your fridge is stocked with chilled beer, fruit juices and your kitchen island is flooded with cheesy dips and appetizers.

You can also have props like funky headgears, satchels, etc. to create a funky and chilled-out ambience. Fairy lights can do wonders to brighten your room. You get good photos in such a beautiful ambience.

If you take the right steps then setting up a karaoke night is easy and simple. All you have to do is make some preparations well in advance so that you can enjoy it along with your friends and family.

There are no set rules for karaoke so it’s better to enjoy the party just the way it is rather than obsessing about what you have missed.

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