Fitness Tips: Preparing for a Big Date

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There are certain things in life that get the blood flowing more than most, and the afternoon of preparation before a big night out with your new favorite girl is one of the best! No matter how you prepare, adding a bit of exercise time before heading out on the town is a great way to ensure that you look and feel your best before you make it to her front door, giving you that extra boost of confidence that we all know goes a very long way when you’re attempting to woo a member of the fairer sex.

Want to make the best impression possible? Check out these four fitness tips for preparing for a big date:

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1. Workout to Look Good

Let’s face it: first impressions mean everything, even if they shouldn’t, and that means that looking your very best is the first thing that you should be concentrating on as you prepare for your date.

Now, while a well-chosen wardrobe will certainly help things, you can be sure that your lady friend is more interested in what’s underneath, so you’ll need to focus your exercise on toning. While you may think that you’ll need to start weeks in advance in order to see results, that really isn’t the case; even working out for an hour the afternoon before an evening date can help your arms and chest to look stronger and firmer in the short-term.

In order to get quick, noticeable results, start as early as possible and be sure to dedicate lots of time to exercises like push-ups, simple curls, crunches, and other movements that focus their work on your core and arms.

2. Workout to Feel Good

Another great reason to workout shortly before a date is simply to get your juices flowing! The better you feel, the better you’ll present yourself, so making sure that your confidence is soaring high as you prepare for your date is crucial.

Nothing is going to get you feeling better than focusing your routine on the exercises you most enjoy, so take the time for a freestyle workout a few hours before the date. This will help you to get excited, and obtain an extra dose of adrenaline – both important factors on any successful date.

3. Avoid Nasty Foods

If you’re going to be meeting your potential future wife on your big date, take our advice and stay far away from greasy, fatty foods for at least 24 beforehand. Keep in mind that, while you should definitely avoid the obvious, like a burger and fries, you’ll want to be sure to pay very close attention to the nutrition labels on everything you take in, just to be safe.

This will help you to look and feel your best by the time you’re ready to get things rolling, leaving nasty complications like inopportune gas out of the equation.

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4. The Come Down

There are many wonderful things to experience in life, but there may be none that inspires joy like coming home from a successful date. Assuming all goes well, you’ll be coming home in great spirits and with lots of energy, so take the time to give your muscles a bit of a top off with a quick round of cardio; whether you hit the treadmill or bang out a good set of jumping jacks, you can be sure that your body will appreciate the extra effort.

This will help you to expend any excess energy as you get ready for a great night’s sleep – if things went really, really well, you may even be doing the whole thing again tomorrow!

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