5 Amazing Beauty Routines for A Fresh Look

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Even when you love your job, trying to go back for work after a few hours of sleep is never easy. And for us girls, trying to look fresh and ready-to-go is no easy task. But there are a few beauty tricks to add up into your routine to get that fresh look! Here are some of the easiest but effective beauty routines you can learn:

1. Cold Water Facial

Wanting to know an easy way to get rid of those bags under your eyes? How about trying out the “Morning Routine: Ice Cold Water”. Cold water not only gets you awake in the morning but you’d be surprised to know that it also has its advantages in making your skin look fresh once you wake up. Fill up a bowl (large enough so that your head can fit) with cold water and ice. Make sure to tie your hair up before you dunk your face in the water for at least ten to 30 seconds. This is a quick routine you can do early in the morning to de-puff those red eyes. Not only does it help relieve the redness but it also fight off those wrinkles.

2. Green Tea Bags Facial

Sacrificing hours of sleep for work or study sessions that leave you with dark circles under your eyes? Better change that habit then. Other than having an ice cold facial wash in the morning, there’s another way to lighten those dark bags and freshen up your puffy eyes. Before you throw out those used tea bags, they can actually serve another purpose. After taking out your teabags from the hot water, squeeze out any excess water from the bag until they’re damp. Store them in a container and let it cool in your fridge for a total of twenty minutes (or until it’s cool enough to the touch). Put the tea bags over your eyes and let them relax on your eyes for a total of fifteen to thirty minutes.

3. Coffee Mask

Caffeine is another helpful way to reduce the puffiness around the eyes and soothe the skin. Coffee is also a good exfoliating agent and removes dead skin. Coffee grounds are usually used for making your own homemade facial mask. Add a good amount of coffee grounds that can cover your whole face, and some coconut oil that will thicken it into a paste. Gently massage the coffee mixture onto your face. It helps tighten up the skin since it dehydrates the fat cells and prevent breakage of your skin.

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4. Cinnamon and Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee and coconut oil are great for the skin because they are full of antioxidants. And as mentioned before, coffee helps skin look firm and prevent breakage. Add some cinnamon to that mixture, it will leave your whole body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Cinnamon also leaves a good scent to your skin and body as it is popularly used for perfume and supplied in all over the world. Mix the coffee grounds, cinnamon and coconut oil and sugar into a container. Apply a good amount of the cinnamon and coffee mixture unto your wet skin and massage and scrub gently. Rinse with warm water.

5. Milk Whole-body Moisturizing Routine

For your skin, you want to have a moisturizer that can keep them moisturized all day long. It is a natural ingredient that really takes care of your skin from the epidermis to the pores. Use milk as a facial wash. Dip a small cloth in the milk and let the cloth absorb it. Scrub your face gently with the wash cloth for at least three to five minutes. Wash if off gently as well after, leaving your skin supple and smooth to the touch. This routine isn’t limited to your face, you can actually go for a full-on body milk scrub when you take a bath. Of course, you don’t need an actual bathtub full of milk. You can just use a much larger wash cloth and scrub your body. This beauty routine will help you get a rejuvenated and fresh-looking skin. Keep doing this daily, this practice will help you get a good complexion and will look noticeably lighter. It also helps in improving your skin.

These routines will definitely help your skin rejuvenate and look healthy in a week if you practice doing these amazing beauty routines consistently. So why not start now and get rid of those dark circles under the eyes and let those wrinkles disappear completely!

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