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Bomber jackets don’t have to remind you of the show Wings. Motorcycle jackets with their streamlined silhouette have been popular for several years but vintage bomber jackets are finally making a comeback. There are a few variations to look for in the updated and modern versions. This is a slightly more tailored design than the jacket you may have in your closet from the 1980s. It’s less of the flight jacket from Top Gun and will look a lot better on you too. There’s usually less filling and a slimmer fit.

Men’s bomber jackets are the ones that come with various extra accessories as the demand for the tough and masculine product is in a higher note. These jackets serve various purposes for men. The jackets were initially used for the aviation purpose as they were in a condition to fly at higher altitudes. So the bomber jackets were specially designed to keep the pilots warm in severe cold condition. This was the basic purpose, later there was more and more demand for more fashionable product. These retro jackets became the symbol of style statement and fashion exposure. Moreover these jackets were used by motorist, as the jackets protected them from the rough terrains. So there were a number of reasons for men to use these jackets.

Bomber jackets were first sold in the black market. The bomber jackets here were most probably government surplus at that time. Bomber jackets have since undergone some redesigns. The basics remain the same though. The military issue bomber jackets come in sage green and midnight blue. Fashion bomber jackets come in black, blue, silver, red, gray and yellow.

Bomber jackets are popular particularly in cold weathered areas because they can give the utmost comfort while keeping you warm. This is especially true for Europe and Australia. If you’re on the market for bomber jackets, there are wide-range options based on style, design, and use.

The original thick delicate wool collar lining was nice at maintaining pilots warm but was a little bit too cumbersome for general day wear despite the fact that it was a key component of the look, hence the bomber underwent its first of many transformations, dropping the bulky collar lining and now resembling a traditional leather-based jacket.

Some bomber jackets offer a comfortable fit with stretchy waist and large hip pockets. These bomber jackets have zip fronts and snaps at the cuffs, waist, and neck. They are usually padded, making them perfect for the cold weather.

There are also vintage bomber jackets made during the 1980s. Although they’re old, some of these retro bomber jackets still look good and are highly preserved to be of great condition. Bomber jackets, on the other hand, may also be worn by women. There are jackets specifically made for them with great cuts around the waist, hip, or chest to make them look more feminine.


The evolution of the bomber jacket means it is now quite tricky to define what one actually is. It might probably simply different things to different folks, the historic associations can be each optimistic or negative. Checkout the cabinets in your classic clothes retailer, you could possibly even find a vintage bomber jacket and never even realise what it was. However in case you had been a high altitude bomber pilot you would certainly recognise an unique 1940s version and you ‘d find it irresistible for its original features.

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