What is a Relationship and How to Land One?

What is a Relationship and How to Land One

So you think that you’re finally in a real relationship but you’re not sure. She called you her boyfriend or maybe he invited you for dinner with his dad? What is a relationship anyway?

You can safely say that you are indeed in a relationship if:

  • It’s been more than 10 dates
  • You’ve got more than just their cell number…your Called ID says “007’s home” “007’s office”
  • It’s not an open relationship, although by definition there are different types of relationships an open relationship is not going to get you anywhere.
  • You’ve said the word “relationship” and no one cringed at the sound of it, both of you actually looked kinda happy.

Now that we got the relationship definition out of the way! How do you get into a relationship?

Stay Out of the “Friend Zone”

The most dangerous zone of all, the friend zone. Once you get into the friend zone it’s really hard to get out, because dating a friend is like dating your brother – not a good idea. To stay out of the friend zone make sure to give obvious, but appropriate, compliments and don’t have deep conversations unless you’re on a real date.

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Determination Is Key

Sometimes all you need is a little persistence. This applies more to men than women, because ladies get put into the “coming on too strongly” category much quicker than men. If you’re a man, don’t give up, but don’t be annoying either women like it when you pay attention to them even when they said no to a date. A woman’s best friend in this situation is your guy’s taken friend. Talk to his girl and ask for her help to influence the object of your affection to give you a closer look.

Leave Jealousy Out the Door

Simply put you won’t get to the relationship stage if you’re being jealous. Jealousy in relationships can completely tear it apart. So if you know that you’re jealous by nature figure out why and try to resolve your issues before you get into a relationship.

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