Tips For Staying Cool in the Heat

How to stay cool in the heat outside, How to stay cool outside in extreme heat

Phew it’s hot out there (as I write this) so here are some tips for staying cool in the heat of the summer excluding installing air conditioning….

Here are our top tips for staying cool when it’s hot inside and out.


If it’s really hot outside or in your house your body will start to compensate by sweating as this will add water to your skin in an attempt to cool you down. But of course as you sweat your body will lose water inside and you are at risk of dehydrating so you will need to add water to compensate (see below).

The overall best advice is to get water – either to drink or Immerse yourself in such as a swimming pool, a cold shower or a cold bath. All of these will immediately cool you down but of course are no answer to air conditioning 🙂 – the following tips for staying cool will help you so here goes:

For you to keep your body cool:

  • Put water on your arms and face either directly or by using a towel and this will cool you immediately.
  • Drink cool water as it will cool your body from inside.
  • Avoid fizzy pop drinks – although this will give you a rush of energy from the sugar, pure water is best although drinking tea has a similar effect of being refreshing
  • If you are outside wear light colored clothing as this will reflect the sun (if you’ve ever touched a black colored car that’s been in the sun you’ll know how hot it gets where as a white car is still cool to the touch)
  • Wear a hat to keep your head cool and avoid sun burn
  • Find a small towel and immerse it in water and place it over your head and face – this will really cool you down

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For your environment

  • Where ever you are avoid being in direct sunlight and
  • Sit or walk in the shade as much as possible
  • Open windows in the house back and front to get a draft moving through the building
  • If the sun shines directly into house windows draw curtains and blinds which will keep those rooms cooler
  • Turn off all heat sources – if you are cooking downstairs the heat will rise up into the bedrooms in the house so have salads instead

For you in general

  • Relax and keep still – if you are moving about a lot your body will heat up
  • Perhaps lie down in a chair in the garden or on a towel
  • Go swimming indoors or outside as the water will cool you instantly
  • Have a cold shower
  • Get a fan – although a fan simply moves hot air around it does have a cooling effect. You could put some ice blocks in front of the fan source to push cooler air around.

If you start to feel unwell and get a headache in the heat it’s likely you have become dehydrated. Take some water in small quantities but if the symptoms continue then seek medical advice immediately.

Remember that air conditioning hasn’t been around for that long and in hotter countries such as Singapore, India and other countries in Asia they simply followed the advice above by dressing in white clothing, having many ceiling fans and keeping out of the sun in the hottest parts of the day.

We hope these tips for staying cool in the summer heat has helped – if you have some of your own then please add them below.

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