Top 5 Jobs in Finance Sector

Jobs in Finance Sector

Like other people, if you too are under the impression that a job in the finance sector is all about counting numbers, handling money or working with the ins and outs of finance-related rules, then let us tell you that this is only a myth. There are many more opportunities in this sector that could make for a great career choice.

In fact, many jobs are not only interesting but also have a range of opportunities such as dealing with people on a personal level, working on high-end finance and so on. So don’t be intimidated by numbers and give a chance to this sector.

To help you out, we have mentioned some of the best jobs in the finance sector. Read along to know what finance has got in store for you.

1. Corporate Finance

A career in corporate finance means working directly for a corporate business as a financial consultant. Your job will involve advising the firm on how to maintain the profits and keep the business sustainable. Some of the tasks done by a corporate finance personnel are examining the money spent by the company on things like production, payroll and overhead; calculating the revenue, making plans to run the firm effectively, creating projections to facilitate business growth, planning to achieve long-term goals and earn more profit and so much more.

If this sounds interesting to you, then this job is surely for you. So, if you are interested in the above tasks, then don’t over think. Just take the leap of faith and go ahead with it.

2. Financial Advisors

As the name suggests, the role of a financial advisor is to put forth the best investment and insurance plan to individuals and companies according to their income. These plans will help people save and grow their money. Financial advisors can present plans that will help you save tax legally.   They have a broad knowledge of taxes, investment policies and different kind of insurances.

To perform their job effectively, financial advisors need to keep themselves updated with the latest tax laws and other rules and regulations. With their commercial knowledge, they can work on anything including personal portfolios and business finances.

3. Investment Finance

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the finance sector. No matter whether you are working for a private firm or individually, you always have a number of clients.

No one can deny the fact that businesses are always in need of extra money to make the most of it.  The role of investment finance is in demand as they bring in working capital or investment in the form of potential partners, investors, fund providing institutions etc. This fund helps the companies achieve their financial goals so they don’t hesitate to reward their investment finance personnel with a good salary.

4. Public Accounting

There are a lot of services under the accounting job that works for businesses as well as private individuals.  The role of an accountant includes several tasks such as keeping the record of income and expenses of a business, making reports and giving suggestions on how to cut down expenses and increase profits. Organisations hire in-house accountants so that they can understand their finances better. This understanding makes business projection easy and helps achieve long-term goals.

A certified accountant in Northampton is what you need to make sense out of the numbers and to maintain clear records. So, if debit and credit is your thing, being an accountancy expert is certainly a good option for you.

5. Collector

At times, businesses are unsuccessful in collecting dues from borrowers. In this case, the company gives a particular account to a collector to save itself the headache of collecting money.  The job of a collector is to hunt down such defaulters and get back the borrowed money. It involves meeting with the client and their borrowers to find a solution for making repayment possible. Monthly instalment is generally the go to solution. The collectors get a decent amount of money from their clients for settling the account. Often it is included in the monthly instalments from the borrowers until the full money is paid off.

So this wraps up our list of top 5 jobs in the finance sector. One can also secure a good job in a bank, accounting firms or they can work as an independent agent.

So choose a job that aligns with your interests the best and kick-start your career in one of the most stable and lucrative fields.

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