The Importance Of A Regular Visit To Your Local Dental Surgery

The importance of a regular visit to your local dental surgery

Many patients may frequently overlook a scheduled appointment at their local Dentist in Richmond (which is suggested by dental healthcare professionals twice annually) however a regular dental appointment could be argued as vital in maintaining a patient’s oral health! Many patients may be aware of the standardised procedures that are often administered within a dental check-up (such as a general oral assessment, and detection of cavities and dental decay, to name just a few examples) however they may be more comfortable knowing exactly what to expect from their visit!

What to expect from a bi-annual dental check-up

Aside from hectic work, social life, or financial concerns, many patients may feel apprehensive prior to their scheduled dental check-up. This anxiety may, therefore, cause them to reschedule, or possibly even cancel their visit altogether, they may consequently feel more confident after knowing what to expect from the treatment process!

A modern approach to preventative dentistry

Many modern dental clinics are now adopting a patient-centred approach to dental care, this essentially comprises a tailor-made dental plan to cater to every patient’s individual dental needs! With this approach in mind, therefore, every patient can expect to receive dental treatments that are unique to their individual case, despite this however there are of course several standardised procedures that are typically followed.

Your local clinic may have more to offer

Within the modern field of dental care, many dental clinics not only offer their patients routine dentistry (typically consisting of the maintenance of dental hygiene) however they also provide an extensive range of restorative, orthodontic, and even cosmetic dental treatments!

What is cosmetic dental care?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses primarily on improving the physical (and therefore aesthetic) appearance of an individual’s smile, in doing so however the health of the patients’ smile can also be positively affected!

Did you know?

As previously mentioned, despite the main focus of cosmetic dental care being to improve the physical appearance of the individual’s smile (some common examples of cosmetic dentistry consists of tooth whitening, gum contouring, white fillings, and even porcelain veneers!) Many treatments can also improve the health of the patient’s mouth (one example of these treatments are white fillings!)

Are you suffering from a dental cavity?

If you are an individual who is suffering from decay or fragmentation of the tooth (that is not too severe!) then a dental healthcare professional may recommend a white filling. White fillings can not only be used to fill a fragmented or decayed tooth initially, however they can also be used to replace a traditional metal amalgam filling too!

What causes dental decay?

What causes dental decay

Traditional metal and white fillings are frequently administered within the field of general routine dentistry, despite this however many individuals may be unsure of what causes a cavity initially. The cavity itself is caused by worn down enamel and dentine of the tooth (this is triggered by acid within the mouth), however white fillings have been serving as an effective solution to decayed teeth for a multitude of years!

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