Been Accused Of A Crime And Need Legal Help? 4 Advantages Of Hiring A Criminal Representative

4 Advantages Of Hiring A Criminal Representative

In the UK, the law is complicated, to say the least. Therefore, if you find yourself on the receiving end of a criminal accusation, it can feel as if you have fallen down a rabbit hole and have no way out. Regardless of the scale of the accusation, if you have no knowledge of the due process and what the likely outcome is, it can cause both you and your family undue stress and panic.

So, let’s begin with the most important aspect of your criminal accusation; your defence.

Even if you are not guilty of the crime you are accused of, having an experienced criminal solicitor to defend you can make the difference between you walking free and a potential fine or prison sentence (once again, this depends on the scale and seriousness of the crime you are accused of).

While it may seem illogical to hire someone whose job it is to defend people who are guilty, hiring a criminal solicitor can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders, speed the entire process up and may even be able to get the police to drop the charges – you couldn’t achieve that by yourself!

But what are some of the other advantages of hiring a solicitor who specialises in criminal defence? Read on to find out!


As already established earlier in the article, it is indeed a rarity to find someone out and about who understands the legal process thoroughly. While it may seem that all solicitors are the same, this is not the case; a criminal solicitor has invested a great deal of time and effort into understanding every aspect of criminal law in the UK and will be the best defence against any criminal accusation.


best defence against any criminal accusation

A key aspect of your defence is research. While you and your criminal representative are building your case, they will know exactly which aspects of it need further research to prove your innocence. Everything from interviewing witnesses to going through CCTV footage, they will know exactly what is required to clear your name and which evidence is likely (or unlikely) to hold up in a courtroom setting.


It is a common occurrence for people who are accused of a crime to feel as though the entire world is against them. Simply put, this is not the case and even if you are being held in police custody, you have rights that you may be unaware of. Once again, a legal professional will be able to explain your rights to you in jargon-free language and explain the most likely outcome of your case. Now that’s a weight off!


In the event that your case does go to court, you will need someone who is smart, dedicated and knowledgeable to defend you. Enter your criminal representative! They will be able to look for inconsistencies in the accuser’s accounts, point out issues with evidence and they will be able to argue your case using legally correct terminology. Great stuff!

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