Advantages Of Social Media For Dentists

Advantages Of Social Media For Dentists

Social media for dentists is a modern and effective method of digital dental marketing, which can be used to help boost the success of your dental practice in this era of digital technology.

There are many different social media platforms which are currently in use throughout the world, but Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social media platforms here in Australia. They are most commonly used by small businesses, including dental practices, to help market their services and build better relationships within the community. By creating business accounts on both of these platforms you will help widen your audience and find new patients more easily. Both Facebook and Instagram have a majority audience of 25 to 34 year olds whilst Instagram also attracts 18 to 24 year olds, with more millennials preferring this platform. Facebook is ideal for sharing information regarding the treatments and procedures that you have to offer, as well as a regular update of the dental practice itself. People go to Instagram for inspiration and here you can add plenty of photos and short videos displaying the successful treatments carried out at your dental practice, as well as information on services and procedures that are available for your patients.

Maintaining your social media accounts

Trends in social media for dentists are evolving at all times, so setting up an account and creating content from time to time is insufficient for bringing success to your dental practice. Your social media marketing strategy needs to involve maintaining and optimising your profile all the time. This means that you should be posting pictures, videos and stories on a daily basis where possible, so that you are on the landing page each time your audience accesses their accounts. You also need to respond to all comments, and appreciate your followers for their likes and shares. A good digital dental marketing team will be able to monitor the activity on your account, to find out which types of content are most popular and which do not receive much attention, to help you improve and enhance your pages as you go along.

The main advantage of social media for dentists is that it allows you to engage with your followers, encouraging them to pay more attention to their oral health, address their dental needs and visit you in person to do so. It allows prospective patients to familiarise themselves with you, connect with you on an informal basis, and ask any questions which they may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask in person, helping to build trust and credibility in the process. Patients realise that you are approachable and that you care about their needs if you converse with them, either connecting directly with individual patients or holding discussions on a group chat. The more followers that you are able to attract for your social media pages, the greater chance there is of increasing the number of patients at your dental practice. Speak to your digital dental marketing team today to find out more.

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