Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Romantic Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

Romantic ideas for long distance relationships are all about maintaining a solid line of communication so that you don’t lose your connection even while you are many miles apart. When there is a lot of space between you, that can be more difficult but it is still possible to create the same kind of intimate, romantic feeling that more traditional couples have.

Keeping those lines of communication open is easier than ever in this technological age. Everything from email to instant messaging, texting to Skype can be used to make it feel like you’re together even when you’re not. You can send romantic little text messages throughout the day to let him know that you’re thinking about him and missing him, for instance.

Other romantic ideas for long distance relationships include video chatting using Skype or other similar programs. By seeing his face as well as hearing his voice, the connection is stronger and you can communicate with body language and facial expressions as well for a more intimate feel. You can even schedule a regular time for video chatting and think of it as you would a standard date. You might even each make your favorite meal and eat together in front of your computers.

The date night can be taken a step further by watching a movie or video together. You can watch something on TV or pick out a video you both like and watch it at the same time while talking via instant messenger. That way you can feel as if you’re in the same room and experiencing something together.

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Aside from computer and phone conversations, romantic ideas for long distance relationship can involve putting together a CD of music that reminds you of her. You can even include a recorded message as well. That way she can listen whenever she wants and feel as if she has a real connection to you through your expression of love.

Of course, technology doesn’t have all the answers. One of the most intimate and special ways of creating a bond even when you are very far apart is by writing good, old fashioned love letters. There is nothing more intimate than putting pen to paper and expressing your feelings in an open and honest way. Not only can it make you feel connected, she can hold onto the letters as a lasting memento of your love.

If you’re still searching for the right romantic ideas for long distance relationships, why not try a personal countdown until the next time you’re physically together? You can take an ordinary calendar, either in print form or on the computer, and write a different little note for each day, letting her know how excited you are for your impending reunion. Counting down together that way can make the time you are apart seem to pass that much quicker.

Love and commitment are never easy, and being far apart doesn’t make it any easier. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make it work, though. It just takes a little time and effort for you to show your lover how you feel. If you can keep that connection strong, then your time together will be that much better and the space between you will simply disappear.

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