6 Easy Tips for Bathroom Styling 2018

Modern bathroom styling, Bathroom styling 2018

Wondering where to start when it comes to styling your bathroom? These clever bathroom tips will add charm and character and create a feeling of luxury.

Tiles, Tiles and More Tiles

If budget permits, changing the old and tired tiles in your existing bathroom is the obvious choice for a make-over and will make the world of difference. Here is your opportunity to design a space where you can bring in your personal style and get creative with the multitude of tile options on offer. Decide early on whether your bathroom will have a feature tile that demands attention or whether you prefer a look that is neutral and elegant using organic textures and natural materials.

With so many beautiful tiles available, using a highly decorative tile in your bathroom is a perfect way to make a visual design statement that adds style and creative interest to your space. Just remember to keep it to one showstopper tile that you use on the floor or on a feature wall such as a splash back or in the shower area. Think glass mosaics, geometric tiles, textile inspired patterns and highly intricate patchwork designs. A feature tile works best when balanced with other elements of the bathroom in simple colours and restrained finishes that are not also competing for the limelight.

Monochromatic and nature inspired tiles are perfect for acting as a neutral canvas and allowing other elements in your bathroom to shine. Tiles that replicate natural materials such as wood or stone will offer a timeless look and will allow flexibility when it comes to styling with other colours and features.

When the tiles are not the star of the show, look for interesting and unique bathroom accessories such as towels, soaps and candles that will perfectly compliment your look. This is your chance to be creative and inject some personality to your space so have fun with this and change up the look regularly depending on your mood and the ambience you wanting to achieve.


Clever use of lighting is a big plus for bathrooms. A combination of practical and decorative lights will highly affect the atmosphere of your bathroom. Choose functional lighting around the vanity and shaving cabinet for everyday tasks such as makeup application, shaving and brushing teeth. The most effective lighting for these jobs are sconces mounted at eye level and on either side of the mirror (if space permits). This type of lighting will provide a shadowless illumination. Avoid lighting above the mirror as this will cause unflattering shadows under the eyes nose and chin.

Bathroom lighting isn’t all about function; in fact light pendants or lanterns can act as works of art in your space. There are many beautiful options on offer so choose a style that will balance with other furnishings and design elements within your bathroom. Using a showstopper pendant can create a serious style statement and add a moody ambience and pleasant light flow to your space.


Mirrors are a bathroom necessity and adding a unique design can entirely transform the look of your bathroom. Decorative mirrors above the vanity can be a glamorous addition and completely overhaul the style of your bathroom. Just remember the larger or more extravagant you go the more costly it will be. An effective and cheaper option would be to hang a few small mirrors in a display to create a pattern. This will gain instant impact. Mirrored cabinets have come a long way from being a medicinal box above the vanity. Choose a contemporary and sleek design that will not only bounce light around the room but will also give extra storage space.


Plant life in bathrooms add a sense of well being and health while bringing in a fresh ambience to your home. Besides their decorative appeal most house plants also help improve the air quality inside your space. The best bathroom plants include those that thrive in high humidity levels and do not mind low light.

Our top pick is the Sansevieria, also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”. This structured looking plant is not only dramatic and effective in appearance but is also low maintenance and filters out formaldehyde, common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues—and even some cosmetics. Other suitable plants that will thrive in bathroom environments include spider plant, bamboo and the tropical plant Dracaena. Orchids in bright rich purple, pink or white are also a great option as not only are they visually beautiful but some also have an amazing fragrance. Sit orchids on a windowsill out of direct sunlight and enjoy watching it flourish.


A work of art will add a beautiful design element to a bathroom wall especially if your bathroom’s palette is neutral or monochromatic. Artwork in the bathroom presents an opportunity to bring in your personality and create a stunning visual point. When considering a frame for your artwork in the bathroom it’s important to choose one that will withstand the effect of moisture and humidity. Use synthetic or aluminum frames that will cope with wet environments. If you want to use timber use hardwood (over pine) that has been treated with a water-based sealant.

Towels and Accessories

Bath towels are not only an everyday essential but interchanging towels can be an effective and simple way to alter the look and mood of your bathroom. A colour injection can liven up your space and add serious drama.

To create a subtle look with your towels use muted, monochromatic colours to create a simple and understated look. Use neutral colours, patterns and textures that tone or perfectly contrast with your tiles and bathware furnishings.

Get creative with towels and consider placing them neatly and folded out on display. This can be easily achieved by putting towels in baskets, storing on a ladder shelf or placing in open storage. This look brings in the luxury hotel and vacation vibe without too much effort. Play with colours and patterns to showcase different sized towels. For something fun place the largest towels on the bottom of the pile and work your way up in size to make a pyramid.

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