How to “Ace” that SAT?

How to Ace that SAT

There is a common misconception when it comes to the SAT that it is based on core skills students have been developing since the earliest days of school and that these students will not be able to improve their score by studying for it. This is not the case, at least not entirely. The SAT is indeed an exam that tests the cognitive ability of a student through English and Maths. However, just because a student cannot just read and learn off answers, this does not mean the student cannot prepare adequately for the exam.


To study something is to gain knowledge in a subject or discipline. Therefore, to study for the SAT, there are many ways the student can gain knowledge and obtain a satisfying result. For instance, the adage ‘practice makes perfect’ applies. Improving at anything requires the repeated action of that said activity. The SAT is no different; practising the exam questions is imperative to the success of the student.


Another strategy for the student is to read often and in abundance. In the 1970 British Cohort study, it was found that children who read for pleasure were more likely to excel in Maths and English than children who did not. Specifically, these children had an advantage of 14.4% in vocabulary, 8.6% in spelling, and 9.9% in maths. It is thought that having a proficient level of reading aids in the absorption of new knowledge.

Exam technique

Test tactics are always a good idea to have when sitting the SAT. For example, eliminating unlikely answers, read the questions in the comprehension section first, read the questions first before the comprehension, and answering the easy questions before tackling the hard ones. These are just some of the basic exam techniques students who are sitting the SAT may include. For a more thorough understanding of test tactics, students can avail of SAT tutoring in London.

SAT Tutoring

SAT tutoring in London is a very effective way of preparing for the exam. This method allows the student to avail from the wealth of knowledge and experience the tutor provides. By seeking SAT tutoring in London, the student ensures they are covering all their bases in achieving their maximum potential sitting the exam. By getting feedback from a professional, the student will know exactly where they need to improve. Although the London student will not have experienced US education, using SAT tutoring in London will allow the understanding of how the US education system works. After all, the purpose of sitting the SAT is to enrol in a US university.

SAT Bootcamp

SAT Bootcamp

In addition to SAT tutoring in London, there are also SAT Bootcamp preparation courses in London. These are intensive, challenging courses, usually taught by the best tutors to get the best out of a small group of students. The SAT Bootcamp is an excellent way to accelerate the student’s SAT learning. When choosing the SAT Bootcamp or SAT tutoring in London, the student should ensure that it is from a reputable and experienced organisation that has a direct affiliation with the US education system.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of ways for the student to improve their chances of “Acing” the SAT. However, if the student is earnest about success, their best course of action may be to seek professional help in the form of tutoring or Bootcamps.

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