A Guide into the Virtual Reality Experience in London

A Guide into the Virtual Reality Experience in London

Are you a lover of computer games but getting tired of having the same old experience? Would you like to have a new type of gaming experience with your family or friends? Have you heard about virtual reality? If so, then you may want to consider a virtual reality experience in the city, where you and up to five individuals can encounter a unique gaming event that you may have never had before.

What do you know about Virtual Reality?

Although it is hard to say when virtual reality was born, the idea of an alternative reality can go back to as far as the 1860s. When virtual reality is mentioned, our minds immediately go to the gaming experience. However in recent years, virtual reality has been used in other industries, including education and even when it comes to the high street shopping experience.

In the 1990s, there was a commercial release of consumer headsets for consoles and arcade games using an LCD screen in the visor along with sensors which allow the system to not only track but react to the movements of whoever is wearing the headset, and also stereo headphones. Since then virtual reality has continued to develop and many companies have now decided to invest in order to take their gaming experience to the next level for their users.

How to have a fun Virtual Reality Experience

How to have a fun Virtual Reality Experience

So if you are interested in having a virtual reality experience with your friends, family, and even work colleagues, there are many venues in London which cater to individuals having a unique gaming experience using virtual reality.

We already know that virtual reality gaming is when computer games include the application of a three dimensional (3D) artificial environment to not only enhance the gaming experience but allows gamers to explore virtual worlds in which they can enjoy. The virtual reality software in these games means that the artificial world surpasses any experience you can encounter in real life.

As virtual reality has developed over the years, and with the establishment of virtual reality gaming venues all over the world, there are now more sophisticated ways to experience virtual reality gaming.

For example, if you decide to have a virtual reality experience, you can expect virtual reality headsets, virtual reality rooms and wrap around display screens. You can also experience more complex virtual reality rooms which can include additions such as treadmill floors to give users a further freedom of not only movement but immersion in the artificial world.

There have also been additional safety measures put in place at these venues to ensure the safety of users when using virtual reality equipment. These venues are now implementing the request disinfecting of all equipment including backpacks, headsets, hand controllers, virtual reality guns and anywhere which is considered a high touch area.

In order to comply with venue protocols, all users will also have the option to wear a face mask provided by the venue before partaking in their virtual reality gaming experience. So you can have peace of mind knowing that your virtual reality experience is both safe and enjoyable for yourself and all participants.

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