What Can An Orthodontist In Harley Street Do For My Family?

What Can An Orthodontist In Harley Street Do For My Family

Having an orthodontist you trust to work with you and your family is important. When looking for an orthodontist in Harley Street, make sure that there are good reviews on the dental clinic and that your family feels comfortable there.

So what exactly can an orthodontist do for your family? A good and simple example (if any are needed) is that your orthodontist can recommend braces for either you or your children. Often people are concerned with the look of traditional braces, but braces no longer only come in the form of metal tracks that run across the teeth. Now your family has a choice of clear braces or thin plastic aligners which gently push the teeth into their correct positions.

Another option you can discuss with your family are lingual braces; these are placed on the back of the teeth, instead of on the front as traditional or clear braces are. This option is best for someone that prefers discretion.

Should I take my children with me to the orthodontist?

Yes, you should! It’s a great idea to take your children when you go to the orthodontist; they will get familiar with the dental clinic and with the staff. It also gives them a positive outlook on dental health and the importance of self-care. You want your children to grow into responsible and healthy adults; family trips to the dentist speak louder to your children than if you tell them constantly about the importance of dental health.

Another idea you and your family could discuss is to try synchronising dental appointments. You go in together, for instance mother and offspring, and because you’re family, there is a support network already in place. This gives you a chance to talk through your child’s fears or concerns, and to bond because of the shared experience.

Children between the ages of seven and nine years old should already be making visits to the dentist for assessments. Speak to your dental practitioner for more information on the best time to bring in your family.

How old do you have to be to see an orthodontist?

Orthodontist In Harley Street

Usually, children around the age of seven years old should go to an orthodontist for an assessment and a treatment plan can be made from there. Speak to your local dental practice for more information on the correct age for your child to be seen about possible treatment.

Older adults can also see an orthodontist and should go in for a consultation before pursuing any treatment plan. As with children, your overall dental health will be taken into account, as well as whether you have any conditions, if you’re on medication and if there are any allergies you need to disclose.

Getting in touch for your oral health

Don’t let the health of your teeth, and the dental health of your family go to the bottom of your to-do list. Working on gaps or crooked teeth early in your children’s life can give them better adulthood. Don’t ignore your dental health either! Get in touch with a local dental clinic and end the year with healthy mouths and teeth!

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