What Are The Different Types Of SEO?

What Are The Different Types Of SEO

SEO is an abbreviation of ‘search engine optimisation’, and this includes a group of marketing techniques to help boost your business’s visibility on search engines. This is an important part of staying one step ahead of your competitors.

Local SEO

It is important to promote your business within your local area, as this is where you will find the people who are most likely to become future patients. Getting involved with the local community can play a huge part in your business growth, as if you are delivering high quality treatments, then people will return to you for more. Advertising to the local community is also important, as it is highly likely that at least some of the people in your local area will use Google to look for local services. This is your chance to show off your business website and encourage engagement.

To make yourself more visible when someone searches for your business or something related to it, you can create something called a ‘Google My Business Page’. This means that your business will be clearly shown at the top of the screen when searched and will show all relevant information, such as your website link, location, contact details and more. Having this also means that your patients can leave reviews, which also makes your business look more appealing to anyone else searching for dentists.

On-page SEO

This is the type of dental SEO content that potential new patients will see, meaning your website itself. For your on-page SEO to be effective, it needs to be informative and of high-quality. This gives you the opportunity to put as much information as possible on there, with a good mix of picture and video content to support it.

Dental SEO plan

The use of relevant keywords is the main part of this type of SEO. When you are writing a lot of information about certain topics such as treatments, it is good to use keywords that people may search for on Google. The placement of these keywords will also help to boost your website on the person’s search. By putting certain keywords in the title of your article, the first paragraph of it, sub-headings and/or your URL, this will help to bring your website to the top. Linking the keyword to your local area will also help to boost it to the top, as it will be even more relevant to what a potential new patient might be searching for. Good examples of these would be ‘veneers in London’ or ‘London dentist’, they are simple, but they are the closest thing to what people will put into their search engine.

Advantages of SEO

The most obvious advantage of using dental SEO content is that it can increase the number of people that see your website, meaning more new potential customers. This is done by algorithms made by Google to push relevant content to the top of someone’s search, so if you have the right keywords in your SEO content, this will be perfect.

Using SEO can be more cost effective than other forms of advertising, as you can create dental SEO content yourself. Cutting costs is always a great help when trying to grow your business, and doing this whilst also growing your business is why using SEO can be so beneficial.

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