The Importance Of Your Biannual Check-Up

The Importance Of Your Biannual Check-Up

Many patients may be reluctant to attend their biannual dental appointment, which is suggested by dental healthcare professionals to be every six months. However a regular visit to your local dentist is considered as essential in maintaining the health of your smile. During your check-up you may not only be asked several questions regarding the health of your diet, but you may also be questioned regarding your lifestyle habits, such as whether you smoke, something which can cause mouth cancer and yellowing of the teeth.

The general dental treatments on offer at your local clinic

Aside from an oral assessment and a ‘scale and polish’ which are two simple treatments that are typically administered during a dental check-up, your local dental surgery may have many more dental treatments to offer, such as oral X-rays which can be vital in spotting early signs of mouth cancer. Another example of dentistry that may be available at your local clinic is emergency dental care.

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dental treatments are available at the majority of modern dental clinics and are administered for patients who are suffering from dental pain, inflammation, or any other dental concerns that require rapid medical attention. If you are suffering from a dental concern (such as a chipped tooth, to name just one common example) then it is suggested you visit a dental healthcare professional as soon as you are physically able, leaving the dental concern for longer may cause the problem to become more severe.

How to get in touch during a dental emergency

Although every dental clinic does differ greatly, there is typically an emergency telephone number situated on every surgery website if they provide these services. The hours should also be displayed online at all times too.

More to your local clinic

In addition to a biannual check-up and a dental emergency, there is more a practice will do on a daily basis. Many patients may be suffering from other general dental concerns which many clinics have to accommodate, one very common example being problems with a cavity.

What is a cavity?

A cavity is arguably one of the most common dental concerns within the field of dentistry and can be caused by the frequent consumption of highly sugary food and drink, such as fizzy drinks, sweets and cakes. If you are suffering from a cavity in a tooth it is important this is treated as soon as possible, for if not, the decay can become uncomfortable and can develop into further oral concerns.

A discreet alternative

Traditional amalgam fillings have proven effective for many years; nowadays however many clinics are now striving to answer the demand for more discreet alternatives. White fillings contain a safer material and can be adhered to the tooth as soon as the cavity arises. They can also replace the existing metal filling within the mouth.

What are the benefits?

Apart from looking more aesthetically pleasing and barely visible within the mouth, these fillings are also durable and are designed to withstand many years of dental wear. If you are looking for a long-term and natural looking solution to your decayed tooth then white fillings could be a perfect solution for your smile.

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