Simple Reasons to Use Electronic Cigarettes

Simple Reasons to Use Electronic Cigarettes

Most smokers do so simply because they enjoy the sensation of smoking and they find that it benefits their lives in some way but there are some who do not necessarily enjoy it but who just feel a need to smoke during stressful times or possibly because the habit is so strong. The true cost of smoking though is extreme and even though most smokers would admit that they know about all of the risks and yes, it might be worrying but their need to continue smoking is often overpowering.

Due to the smoking legislations which now ban smokers from lighting up in public places, smokers often feel penalised and excluded and now, many are being pushed to smoke outside by their friends and family. No-one wants to suffer from passive smoking anymore and the days when non-smokers had to put up with it, are long gone.

There are many reasons why you might wish to bin your traditional cigarettes and to take up electronic cigarettes instead:

Electronic cigarettes are clean, efficient and easy to use

They have three basic elements which include the cartridge, battery and atomizer. The look and feel to an electronic cigarette are surprisingly similar, right down to the electronic cherry which appears to ‘light up’ when you inhale. The designs of electronic cigarettes are seamless. There is an inner sensor which forces the cherry to light up and the battery. They are simple to recharge and replacement batteries or cartridges are easy to source too.

Electronic cigarettes are much less damaging than smoking traditional cigarettes

It’s true that most contain nicotine so they are not perfect as there are still dangers associated with inhaling nicotine of course but they are healthier because they do not contain tar, tobacco or any of the 4000+ dangerous chemicals that are inhaled when you smoke normal cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are at the height of fashion

If you care about aesthetics, electronic cigarettes are at the height of fashion. They look great and form a great talking point for others who are curious about them and tempted to swap over to the electronic way themselves. The atomizer fits into the battery and you could consider the atomizer as the engine which powers the e-cigarette. The atomizer vaporizes the ‘juice’ or the e-liquid that is contained within the cartridge and this then emits a fine mist of ‘simulated smoke’ which rapidly vanishes and contains no harmful chemicals or odours. It has the appearance of traditional smoke but is simply water vapour. Be prepared that some people might think that you are actually smoking and question your being able to smoke in a public place; such is the look of the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere

It can be used anywhere because the law against cigarettes was enforced due to the cigarette chemicals which have been proven to be highly damaging for all in the direct vicinity. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere simply because there are no harmful chemicals, only nicotine and e-cigarettes also offer a choice of nicotine levels too for greater control.

Electronic cigarettes provide complete peace of mind for the smoker

Whilst there are studies underway to check that there are no dangerous side-effects, there are none currently but the studies are far from over, but there are over 4000 reasons to actually give them a go and to trust that they are a much healthier option at least. Traditional cigarettes contain arsenic, ammonia, carbon dioxide and tar as well as thousands of other very dangerous chemicals so it makes sense to go for the healthier option.

In addition, electronic cigarettes can also help you to give up smoking. The hit from the nicotine happens much more quickly and is more satisfying than traditional cigarettes where you may have to smoke several cigarettes just to satisfy your need for nicotine. With electronic cigarettes, you don’t need to puff away until the end, you just have what you need and then stop smoking. It puts you in an ideal control position because you choose to smoke as much or as little as you need.

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