Planning A Perfect Night In At Home

You might have partied hard at one of the best clubs in the city and enjoyed sipping the most expensive drink on the menu at some point. Most of us have done it, but there comes a time to wind down sometimes…

But, have you ever thought of replicating the same setting at home with your friends?

The first thought that crops into your mind is that it’s going to be boring… but it doesn’t need to be that way at all. Here’s what you can do on a perfect night-in at your home along with your friends.

Run a movie marathon

If you have a squad of friends who like watching movies that belong to different genres then it is difficult to pick one. But, what you can do to pick one genre is either toss, pick a chit or watch sequels of one common movie that you all like. This way, all of you will enjoy the night and no one will be bored.

Make sure that you download it in advance so that you can save yourself from buffering hassles. Be well-prepared for the night so make it a point to have lots of snacks and popcorn to munch on.

If you wish to make your movie marathon all the more entertaining you can buy props that go well with the genre of your movie. You can also prepare a delicious dessert to munch on during/after the movie.

Karaoke Night

For starters you need a sound proof house for this, unless you want the cops to barge into your house in the middle of the night. Once you take care of this, you need to rent/purchase a karaoke system. If you do not wish to make this additional expense you can also use your PlayStation for this purpose.

Prepare a playlist of all the trending chartbusters so that you and your friends can have a good time together. You can also add some old songs which you friends were hooked-on to during your school/college days.

Remember that karaoke night is not about who sings the best instead it’s all about the fun, laughing out loud on the amusing history you share  and creating new memories.

Photo Shoot/Role play

If you plan to have a photo shoot or some kind of role playing then make sure that you prepare (rent/buy) all the props and outfits in advance. This will ensure that you can make the most of the night and click really good funky pictures.

If you are planning for such an idea, invite only your close friends and not the entire college. This way, you can make the most of the night and spend some quality time with them. You can click photos in classic film inspired poses or capture your own dramatic styles.

Digital photography has made clicking photos simpler and fun.  The props can make your photos all the more interesting. With different filters available on popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat you can enhance your images.

You can also enact epic movie scenes if all of you share the same love for a particular movie or scene.

Night Spa

If you and your friends are exhausted from your mundane routines, a night-spa at home can be a unique way to relax. Light candles, play some pleasant music and some wine in a warm room which will mimic a spa session and you can a night of relaxation and endless gossip.

You can acquire warmth in the room through a radiator and receive uniform heat so that you do not have to constantly alter temperatures in the midst your spa session. You can do facials, manicure, pedicure or nail art.

If you don’t want to do any of this, you can simply enjoy the serene ambience. You can also hire some experts for manicure and pedicure.  All you need to do is relax and pamper yourself through the spa session. You can have a nice gossip session about the people in your hate club.

Play a game

Yet another activity that you can carry out at a night-in with your pals is to play games. It could be a board game, cards, sequence, Ticket to ride, etc. There are several options available from which you can pick a combination of 2-3 so that all of you can enjoy the entire night and none of you get bored.

Do not wait for last minute preps, walk-in to a local game store a week or fort-night before the night-out and look for games which you can possibly play at your home.

The best thing about board games is that you can have fun while playing and simultaneously interact with your friends. This way, you can catch-up with them and get to know what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Well, you cannot include all these activities in one night but you can pick a combination of one or two of them so that you can enjoy the friends night-in.

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