Let A Dentist Meath Navan Bring Out The Best In Your Smile

Let A Dentist Meath Navan Bring Out The Best In Your Smile

Put on a brave face

As we continue to adapt to an ever changing world, it can often seem an uphill battle to smile in the face of things. However, by doing so you can elate your feelings through the release of endorphins, which have been proven to have an overall positive impact on many aspects of our health. Sadly for many who suffer from a range of cosmetic problems with their teeth – such as clean and visible gaps or stains on their enamel – smiling can prove to be a challenge. People who feel this way ought to speak to a trusted dentist Meath Navan, and see if they could benefit from cosmetic dentistry as a means of getting both their smile and their self-confidence back.

Cosmetic dentistry, as a field of dental study, is far more vast than you may initially think.

What cosmetic dentistry treatments are there?

Whilst many people may simply think of teeth whitening when considering cosmetic dentistry – which is arguably one aspect of treatment – there are literally countless procedures, each of which can be categorised as ‘cosmetic dentistry’ but range from non-invasive to surgical. This is why anyone who is looking into cosmetic dental procedures ought to speak to a professional beforehand about their options to find the treatment which best suits their individual requirements and wishes.

Dental crowns

One of the most effective cosmetic dentistry treatments for those who have visibly stained, chipped or discoloured teeth and are looking to completely transform these, it is dental crowns. These are typically constructed from a combination of ceramic and metal – to maximize their strength – and are coloured to match the surrounding teeth inside the patient’s mouth. Crowns are effectively shells which are individually placed over an individual tooth – or teeth, depending on how many crowns the patient requires – after the tooth has been etched to allow for stronger bonding. Crowns can have an almost instantaneous, transformative effect on how a patient’s tooth looks, and, if properly looked after, can keep them smiling brightly for many years.

What does the process of getting dental crowns involve?

What does the process of getting dental crowns involve

As with most cosmetic dentistry treatments, receiving dental crowns first begins with a consultation between the dentist and patient. This lets the dentist assess if the patient is eligible to receive a dental crown, and lets them advise the patient on the procedure, its costs and the materials which are available. After this, the patient typically returns to their practice a second time to have their teeth prepared for the crown. This usually involves shaving off a portion of their teeths size – whilst they are under local anaesthetic – to allow the crown to be properly fitted. After their tooth has been prepared, measurements and sizes are taken, from which their unique crown is made by an expert engineer.

Before leaving, a temporary crown is placed over the newly etched tooth. After the construction of their unique crown, patients then return to the practice for a third and final time, in which their crown is inserted over the tooth using a dental adhesive – after the temporary crown has been removed. From this point the patient can begin to enjoy the fully restored use of their lost tooth, as well as the social advantages that a whole set of teeth can bring.

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