Do Different Teeth Straightening Devices Work Differently?

Do Different Teeth Straightening Devices Work Differently

The short answer to this question is yes, however it should be understood that the results all lead to the same positive one and generally, each device will offer the same standard time frame, with a few exceptions to certain devices that are designed to work quicker.

What needs to be understood about teeth straightening devices is that it is an individual journey that is planned out and understood in great detail with a dentist before it all begins. Every person has a unique smile and the approach to correcting the position of one’s teeth and their bite, if necessary, needs to be just as bespoke.

Individuals who are looking for the best possible experience and outcome should choose an oral health care professional who is willing to take the time to discuss all available options with their patient and who can point out in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each style.

Only by together determining what is important to the patient, both physically and emotionally, can both patient and dentist come to an agreement about the device and the subsequent teeth straightening journey.

For example, many working adults find it important to discreetly straighten their teeth with clear braces Clapham, rather than wear the less costly traditional braces that are readily available. However, some individuals may find that the severity of their case means that they cannot enjoy the vast options that other individuals may have.

By consulting a dentist, patients can begin to understand their personalised options to begin to determine their solutions to have that picture-perfect smile.

Some removable braces will work by pushing teeth into their correct position, whereas traditional fixed devices will pull teeth into alignment. Most treatments work very gradually over the course of many months, with the average time frame to straighten teeth sitting at around 18 to 24 months.

What are the advantages of straightening teeth?

It doesn’t matter whether a patient is a child or an adult, straightening teeth will have numerous life long benefits that most people quickly understand to outweigh the inconvenience of the teeth straightening journey.

Not only do people feel more confident with their smile but they can potentially eliminate problems such as bad breath, headaches and jaw pain. Bad breath is often a result of a build-up of food debris and bacteria in the mouth which can be a result of poor oral hygiene.

Crossed and crooked teeth are harder to clean and generally present with more plaque, meaning that more bad-smelling bacteria is present. Should this plaque remain on teeth for long periods of time then decay and even eventual tooth loss can be the end result.

People who have a misaligned bite may find that they experience frequent neck, jaw or head pain. By correcting the alignment of their jaw they may not only enjoy relief from this pain but they can bite and chew better and potentially even speak better as well.

A healthier smile awaits those who are ready and willing to embark on this exciting journey towards a more beautiful smile with straighter teeth.

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