Do Children Need To Visit A Dentist Liverpool Regularly?

Do Children Need To Visit A Dentist Regularly

Preventive dental care is an ethos that most dental practices follow. A reputable dental practice works to this mindset and encourages patients to bring their children into the practice from an early age. A positive experience from the start sets appointments up for success in the future.

How do regular check-ups at a young age prevent dental treatments through the various stages of life?

First of all, not a preventive treatment but an excellent reason to bring children to regular dental appointments, is that studies have shown the positive impact of dental check-ups as a child. Studies have shown that the attendance of early appointments can influence children’s feelings and reactions later in life. Creating a positive experience from the start sets the precedence for future appointments.

Preventive treatments offered:

  1. Applying fluoride to your child’s growing teeth helps safeguard them from developing decay in later life. The fluoride helps mineralise the teeth and therefore creates a layer of protection.
  2. Another method of preventing the development of tooth decay is by applying tooth-coloured fissure sealants. This simple method of protection is applied to the biting surfaces of the child’s teeth and can be done in one visit.

So it is beneficial to visit the dental practice from a young age?

If regular check-ups occur from a young age then a dentist can detect early dental issues such as overcrowding or misaligned teeth. By having this early detection the appropriate treatment methods can be put in place promptly which in turn potentially leads to less dental work in the later stages of the child’s life.

These regular appointments in early life often have a positive impact on maintaining good oral hygiene throughout life. Healthy gums and healthy teeth for life are the aim and the early dental appointments provide an excellent start.

How can a child be prepared for their first few dental appointments

Tooth decay is a common dental problem and when left untreated can lead to dental treatments such as fillings. Using the preventive treatments mentioned above from an early age can help reduce the development of tooth decay and in turn the need for fillings.

One of the biggest benefits of regular check-ups as a child is how it reduces the chances of becoming anxious or gaining a phobia about going to the dentist.

How can a child be prepared for their first few dental appointments?

When booking the first appointment it is best to book at a time that you know your child will be awake and alert. The last thing anyone wants is for a child to be woken up for their first appointment, as this will set it up to fail. During the first appointment various dental checks will be made and the parent or carer will be shown how to clean the teeth efficiently. The first appointment can therefore take around 30 minutes at least, so preparation is key. Preparation is key for the child, the parent or carer and the dentist. This way the appointment is set up to be a success.

Please discuss any items mentioned in this article with your local dental team for further information on children’s dental care.

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