Dental Implants: Filling In The Gaps For You

Dental Implants: Filling In The Gaps For You

When you have teeth missing in your smile, there’s no escaping the fact that there is a risk to your remaining natural teeth and gums of exposure to bacteria. It is also less aesthetically pleasing on the eye and many people can feel down about gaps in their smile. Thankfully, there is a treatment that can improve the appearance of patients’ smiles and protect the other natural teeth and gums that are left with Dental Implants Bondi Junction.

How Dental Implants work

Implants are screws that are made of titanium metal. They are attached to the jaw bone and act as artificial roots for replacement teeth to be attached to using an abutment. Titanium is a super metal as it fuses well with the body’s tissues and so they won’t be going anywhere once the gums are around them. Replacement teeth can be crowns, bridges or dentures, and this allows you to replace a single tooth right the way through to a full set!

What are the advantages of having implants?

There are numerous benefits to choosing dental implants. Firstly, they will be securely fixed in place, which means that you won’t have any embarrassing moments with replacement teeth falling out of your mouth when you’re dining and chatting with friends. It also means that you will be able to eat whatever you like, so if you’re thinking of passing on the french bread basket, think again! Tuck in and enjoy!

Another benefit of having implants is that other people will not realise that you don’t have your natural teeth. The replacement teeth will be made to look like any remaining natural teeth that you have. Your dentist can shape them to look the same, as well as create the same shade and size. By having a more uniform appearance to your smile this should also give you greater confidence and self-esteem when it comes to smiling for the camera – and let’s face it, there are plenty of camera-phones at the ready!

While it may sound obvious, another bonus with implants is that your replacement teeth won’t get cavities and while you have filled in the gaps, you are protecting your remaining teeth from exposure to bacteria. You will also be able to maintain them easily by simply brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly for check ups. You could find that your dental implants last you a lifetime if you take care of them properly!

A further benefit of implants is that they add structure to your face and can make you have a more youthful appearance, where before you had a shrunken mouth due to the gaps in your smile. This may not be the case for everyone as not all patients experience this issue, however if this sounds like you, dental implants could be the treatment for you.

What next?

If you would like to find out more about implants and whether or not they would be the right treatment for you, book in for a consultation with your dentist and they will be able to examine your mouth and decide if dental implants would be the best option for you. They may need to take x-rays and check the bone density in your jaw bone to ensure there is enough bone to attach the screws to. In cases where there isn’t enough, they may offer a bone graft as a solution, before fitting implants. So, don’t delay! Find out about dental implants and smile!


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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