Could Invisalign In Bromley Be The Solution For Your Crooked Teeth?

Invisalign In Bromley

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Nowadays, the world of cosmetic dentistry has come along in leaps and bounds which would have otherwise been impossible just a few decades prior. Much of these new advancements have been the result of computer technology and innovation opening up a world of new possibilities and dental applications. In the past, those who required orthodontic alignment – which is a great number of people – were mainly limited in their options to fused, metal braces. These are still widely used, although they are not typically praised for their effects on how they make patients look aesthetically. Today there is a whole range of cosmetic orthodontic options which are available to patients of all ages. Cosmetic orthodontics allow those who have crooked or badly aligned teeth to correct them through such a means that it has almost no bearing on how they look from the outside. This may potentially be one of the reasons that cosmetic orthodontic treatments – such as Invisalign in Bromley – is one of the most popular methods of dental realignment nowadays for young adults and teenagers, who may be looking to correct a crooked smile, but do not want to sacrifice how they look to do so.

What is Invisalign?

In case you have been living under a rock for the last decade, the Invisalign retainer system is a revolutionary new approach to correcting misaligned teeth. Rather than pulling the teeth together through the bonding of ceramic or metallic brackets to the front of each individual tooth, the Invisalign retainer system manages to realign crooked teeth without the need for anything to be attached to the user’s teeth at all. Rather, the whole process is carried out by periodically wearing a specialised plastic dental retainer. This retainer is custom moulded from each patient’s unique tooth shape, to allow it to fit over their existing teeth perfectly. It is constructed from a uniquely used, patented plastic material known as Smarttrack, which is both flexible enough to be comfortable, yet firm enough that it can apply pressure to the user’s teeth and ultimately realign them. Within the structure of each uniquely made Invisalign retainer, there are pressure points which apply the perfect amount of force to the specific teeth which have been identified as being out of place. Over time, when the patient wears his or her retainer, these teeth will shift until they are properly aligned.

Why opt for Invisalign?

This method of aligning crooked teeth, without bonding or attaching anything directly to the patient’s teeth, is typically considered to be far more comfortable than traditional means. Another massive attraction for many – particularly young people – to the Invisalign method, is that the retainer can be taken out at the patient’s choosing. This lets them decide when they carry out their orthodontic treatment, which is rare as most others require them to be continually undergoing treatment until completion. This freedom gives users the ability to take out their retainers when eating, or if attending a social event or taking an important photograph. Anyone who required dental alignment, and wishes to retain all their current freedoms, ought to speak to a local professional provider of Invisalign and see if it could help their smile.

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